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X-Files From The Village

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The news of his death when it came in was unbelievable; no one cried, for who would cry? Until now Khaukha had been referred to as, “umutekhe” meaning the “cooked one”. A lot of myth surrounded his life and his actions. To some people he was known to be a notorious thief, ruthless with the gun and elusive to the authorities. For so long he is said to have terrorised people outside Busiu but Khaukha, son of Yonatabu never stole from his home people. His first act of theft was when he stole his father’s sweet bananas laid in the ground to make “indali” or banana juice. Unfortunately on the second trial at theft, he drunk the wine and was found sleeping at the scene of theft. When he later joined the army and returned, he was assisted by the prevailing anarchy to turn into what he was.


When they informed us about him being shot dead from Butiru, we could not believe until we could see his body.

Then the stories started coming.

Khaukha had his dog which when going to a mission would give him a signal whether to go and rob or not. On this particular day, the dog had signaled to him not to but his buddies insisted. Reaching there, he was trapped and killed by his own gun.


Another is a story of a tree in his compound. It is believed that by now this tree had died and by the time Khaukha went for this particular robbery his days had waned out as the dried tree indicated. In other words he was going to die anyway.

But who could have killed Khaukha?

He was son of Yonatabu and they hailed from Mabanga village.

Khaukha was a great footballer and was once said to have been crowned the best during his school days. To crown this all, he was also a celebrated athlete as most Banambutye are.


Like his compatriots from Mabanga who after Primary hang up their books and head to the garden to start growing tomatoes and sell sugarcanes, Khaukha didn’t go far with school. But Khaukha was not one to go into gardening.

He started as a petty thief stealing his father’s banana juice “indali iye kamatoore” and sharing with his colleagues. He was very generous and social given his football skills. He always represented his parish of Bunambutye as a striker until he left the village and joined the army.

Not much is known of his exploits in the army but he left and came back with a lot of property.


Some people say that he did not actually go to the army but to a Kenyan witch who cooked him and conferred upon him supernatural powers. After all Kenya is known for mermaids and the mijini; it is also known for AIDS. That is why he was called “umutekhe” meaning the cooked one. Khaukha when cornered by authorities could turn into a cat, dog or chicken. He would then vanish mysteriously.

Isn’t it known that one time the whole barracks was dispatched and camped in Manafa for 2 months but failed to capture him?


On that day; when they set off to capture Khaukha, one of his servants got wind of the plan and rushed home to tip off his boss. Upon reaching, he found Khaukha seated on the verandah while people were inside around the pot while some already drunken ones were dancing to Shimanya’s shiyilili (it should be remembered that Khaukha did not touch alcohol after coming back from the army but always hosted people to drink from his house in one of his acts of kindness and generosity)

Before the servant who was son of Wakooli could finish telling him, Khaukha vanished mysteriously as the soldiers had also reached. Some people say that he turned into chicken, others say he entered the house in which he had dug a tunnel and emerged from another with his gun. All that we remember is when the soldiers reached the compound with a shoot to kill, they mistook Wakooli’s son for Khaukha and shot him on spot.


To their dismay after all that were drinking had been surrounded and house ransacked, Khaukha was not among them.

They had killed an innocent person.

Like humiliated dogs, they went off, dismantled their camp in Manafa never to return since this was the second foiled plot to kill Khaukha.

But of course if they had chosen to remain in Manafa, Khaukha would have come for reprisal. But those were days when anarchy reigned.

Even now as we await the information concerning Khaukha’s death, we know that it cannot be police but Khaukha has been killed by his own or their rivals.

To our surprise, when they brought two bodies; it was not only Khaukha but also Wabukala.
But who killed Khaukha umutekhe?

Till then, we shall keep you posted!

NB: The names used here of people and places are the exact names and places where some of these events took place though the story may not corroborate to match the events!



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