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X-Files from the village

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After the forced circumcision of Wakauna and the performance of rituals that followed, we thought to finally rest and await the rain. There are days like today when we thought it could rain; the clouds formed upon Wanale hill then spread across. At a time when we thought it could start raining, a wind came and pushed away the clouds.  The focus again turned on to Nandaba. We suspect he is the one stopping the rain just because they are making bricks.


The continuing drought continues to hurt all the people in the village; we have to wake up at night and sometimes wait until 1 pm to get water. The surviving well of Muswema has been overwhelmed by the consumption of its water. At intervals, we have to wait for minutes to allow water to recollect. The village has started rationing water and limiting each family to 2 jerrycans a day. The reason why the well at “Bukwa Wenyukha” has dried up is because Wangamati killed the snake that was custodian of the well. It slowly started drying up until now when it cannot produce any water.


Each well has a custodian in form of an animal. It may be a snake or leopard. Once you kill the custodian animal which is responsible for the particular well, it then dries up. All of us knew this and whenever we could meet the huge “mamba lewo” as the snake was referred to, we would let it and go about our business because we knew that killing the snake would bring a disaster to the whole village.


Wangamati and Wetsenge were making love in the nearby bush one evening. Little did they know that the anthill was sanctuary to the big snake. When Wetsenge felt a sting on her leg, she thought that it to be a termite or prickle of a thorn but suddenly she felt something stirred across her legs but they were in the middle of ecstasy. By the time she realized it was a snake bite, it was too late; even the black stone could not work. They rushed her to Wetunga who tried to suck the poison out of her but later declared her dead. “They had defiled a holy place, a sanctuary of the holy snake” he said. She died and we buried her. But her burial was not devoid of drama.


Wangamati, just like any man had picked a huge stick and killed the big snake. Little did he know that he was killing the custodian of “Bukwa Wenyukha” Well until Wetunga told us. He predicted doom upon the village but it was only after 3 months that we started noticing the reduction of the water level. So every time the sun burned hard and people got disgusted with the situation, they would curse Wangamati for killing the snake.


“When she said the big snake, we all thought that Wetsenge was meaning Wangamati’s “big snake”” Wakyaya said amidst laughter from the women who had come to queue for water at Muswema. “Every man carries a big snake in his trouser. So every time a woman cries of a snake, men think of it in the inverse” Wanyetse replied but talking to no one in particular.

Wachaya picked up the conversation. “It is that snake which makes you women happy. Maybe Wetsenge tried to swallow two snakes” Wachaya continued talking.
“Wakyaya, don’t even talk; what do you have between your legs?”
“Why are you always talking dirty words? Will anything good ever come out of your filthy mouth. All you know is talking stupid things even when the children are hearing. Is it because you can’t get children of your own” Topista angrily shot back at Wanyetse. We all wondered where the hatred suddenly emanated from.


An altercation followed; what had started as a joke between Wakyaya and Wanyetse turned into a hot exchange with Topista. In no minute, Topista was wrestled to the ground by Wanyetse. Everyone seemed un bothered by the fight even as they looked on. Who could stop a good fight? After all, when people fight at the well, it is a sign that it is soon going to rain.

Till then, we shall keep you posted.


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