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Why Ugandans should use social media for their advantage

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This is a feel good story and you will understand why I am adamant that Ugandans use social media properly and I will tell you only 3 stories.

In 2013, I told some kids that I was going to pay for their university education.  They proceeded to mock me on Social Media and even abuse me.  They knew nothing about me at all and yet felt that they were right to abuse a total stranger offering to pay for their education.

Later, at BCU voting for chairman, one of those kids asked in the meeting “Who is Leah Nangalama”?  I understand that an elder told him “Leah is Mzee Dan Nangalama’s daughter.  She is from Bukirimwa, Bududa. Her father used to run UPTL and she used to buy school supplies for schools in the district”. That kid soon apologized to me and asked me why I had stopped paying for school supplies.  This story has been shared previously.

Since kids did not want me to pay for their education (I had some money in 2013), I put together a small team to start small poultry projects in Uganda.  The rest is history.

In 2017, one of my dearest friends (little brother) posted in our Uganda News Group that his neighbour was going to sell his land and move into Mbale to rent as he could no longer survive but his land could fetch him some money.  I immediately sent money (very tiny) to Denis.  Denis then went and met the family and bought them food and told them not to sell the land.  Denis is a brilliant gentleman (he writes the X-Files from the Village), he walked around their land and then proceeded to meet my sister in Kampala and in the end, the family planted some food on their land and have never sold it.

What is even more interesting is that once the family had food for a week, they forgot about selling their land. Denis kept visiting them weekly and buying them food till their planted food was due for harvest.  DENIS is also friends with people in Switzerland who visited Mbale soon after and bought enough food for the other family so the family could survive till harvest time.

Denis met his friends via Social Media.  I met Denis via Social Media.  We are all set because we use social media properly.

It is now obvious to many Ugandans that some good can come out of Social Media.

Last year, I trashed a few people on Social Media myself (but they had it coming anyway).  The gentlemen I trashed are much more patient and more intelligent and realised very fast that I was always on the defensive because of the abuses I had suffered from Ugandans.  As I speak now, I am working with 2 great gentlemen on a project in Uganda (details hidden) and another gentleman in Tanzania on 2 projects, 3 gentlemen in South Africa.  But until this week, none of you knew that I was working on editing and publishing a book by a Ugandan who met me on Social Media.

THIS IS THE POWER OF SOCIAL MEDIA when you use it right.  Naturally, I will continue sharing news and political analysis but it is getting busy now and all efforts will soon turn to the friends who took the time to know how to NETWORK for profit.

I met my Editor via Social Media and proceeded to write for him and now I am his editor.  Rogers Atukunda is the one who made a writer out of me (via Social Media) until I got my membership in the Canadian Association of Journalists.  He also went above and beyond to teach me to write and him making me his editor speaks to the truth that anyone can teach anyone if they are committed.  He was very hard on me though and I assure you that if you hate criticism from a person on another continent or do not like to learn, then you will keep singing TGE!

Martha Leah Nangalama

PS: I am now lost to you all but I hope you will from this point forward use Social Media to create your net worth.  YOUR NET WORTH IS YOUR NETWORK. Build a strong network and you will never look for a job.  AND by the way, Omar (😍😍😍) and I are collaborating on a book on how to solve the idiocy that runs rampant in Uganda.  I also met him on Social Media.

REMEMBER when I told my then 6 year old that I was gonna sell her on eBay, she said “give me 2 days to check it out”.  That same day, she said “it is illegal to sell kids in Canada”.  WELL, how can you be sure?  “Mommy, I Googled it”.  AND you full grown people with University degrees cannot even use Google.  Shaaa!

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