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Why I did not attend my high school reunion at UWC Lester B. Pearson College

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I never abandoned anyone of you my friends.

Pretty well everything I do was shaped by and the love and knowledge I got from all of you and our great teachers. You would make a big mistake to think I forgot.

I thank Raju L. Boedt for the pictures he sent me with my beloved house masters Mark and Marg. I thank Heidi Hoernig for inboxing me to check if I was okay. I am okay.

Some years ago I found out that I was a mother to 4 girls whose father is from France. I had never thought about race. Pearson College did not teach us that race was an issue. Neither did Trent University. In fact University of Toronto did not teach us race. We were young and happy. The world was a crucible and our literature teachers taught us well.

In 2013, the government of #Uganda banned public assembly. They soon banned mini skirts. They then passed a KILL GAYS BILL. It was only in 2013 that I started to pay attention to my home country. The injustice was unreal. I then decided to speak for my people. You would not imagine how many death threats I got. Imagine I only hold Canadian citizenship and Ugandans are telling me they will hunt me down and kill me for speech.

Freedom of Speech is guaranteed in the Uganda Constitution. But Freedom after Speech is not guaranteed. But some things are worth dying for.

The family in Canada is well and my family members in Uganda are also well.

In Uganda 92% of university graduates cannot get a job in the first 7yrs after graduating. In Uganda the average unemployment rate is 83%.

Uganda’s GDP is financed by donors to the tune of 44% of the GDP. Uganda’s per capita income is $575. School fees for the schools I attended there are $1000 per term. We have 3 terms per academic year. A great teacher in Uganda in STEM earns maximum $250 per month and salaries can be delayed up to 9 months when the same teacher has to fork over $1000 every 3 months for one kid. Most civil servants and teachers have 4 kids minimum.

Uganda is rated as one of the most corrupt countries in the world. But you can see from the numbers about salary and why people become corrupt.

Our hospitals have no medicine or equipment. Our medics are not paid. Our roads are another topic.

Our media is gagged. On November 26 and 27 2016 hundreds and maybe thousands were massacred and buried in mass graves. Please use hashtag #Kasese. We have had many #Genocides but this one happened when I was present. I was a news editor for an online media house probono. The site was shut down simply because I dared to talk.

My hesitation for not attending the reunion is because most of you are policy makers. I would have asked you why you send money to Uganda to enable the killing of my people.

I would have asked you why #UgandaLivesDoNotMatter.

My people suffer a lot. And you all who are policy makers must know that the best way to help my people is to cut off money. Even the refugee crisis which I have written a lot about is to get money from the West. They take land from my people to give refugees. The refugee crisis is because you enable our dictator to invade countries.

With all my love. I hope everyone of you will know that to help Uganda you must not send money. My friends and I will look after my people.

Where was I even going with this story anyway?
In all your right minds you think you help Uganda. But you do not. You enable genocide. Please stop the insanity. For then what shall we have learned?


You can find some more information at the links below or even just a Google search on #Uganda.  We tell it as it is and we take risks but some things are worth telling.


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