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Who is Uganda’s opposition?

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By OMAR Kalinge Nyago

Warning: You need 3 minutes to read this

REVOLUTIONARY LEADERSHIP NOTES – Anatomy of Uganda’s opposition

We are dealing with different groups/types of people, especially under 50 yrs old who want regime change in Uganda.

We hazard an analysis.

1. The group that
worships Col Kizza Besigye. He commits no mistake and should never be blamed for anything. Whoever finds fault with KB on methods or strategy is Museveni’s agent. A mole. A compromised person. Like their NRM opposites see Museveni as the only able leader, they also see no alternative for the opposition. Like their NRM counterparts who fear change in Musevenocracy, they are also deeply afraid of change in the opposition leadership.

2. Another group that has found KB’s leadership inadequate in some ways but fear to say it, for fear of blackmail from the first group. They also fear to give advice. They would rather not rock the boat. They complain in secret, but withhold total support all the same, so their full potential cannot be deployed for the benefit of the opposition.

3. Another group is convinced that the time of the Bush war heroes is over. But appreciate and respect the bush war heroes for the role they played in their youthful years. Some of these fear to take the leadership role for fear that they would be called ungrateful. But they also feel they can’t get recognition under the shadows of the bush war heroes. They lack confidence to lead the change process.

4. Another group is exactly like 3 above but is ready to take over leadership right now. They are not shy. Are ready to commit their own mistakes. They are leaders that need no convincing to play their role. They are like the opposition within the opposition, or the opposition within the NRM.

5. Another group largely from DP UPC and NRM that hates Besigye with a passion. To do anything with them you should not mention KB’s name or refer to any success he ever achieved or any sacrifices he ever made. To them it seems they would rather live thirty more years under Museveni than one year under Besigye. They hate the colonel with a passion.

6. Another group that is NRM but are angry that m7 is taking them for fools, but more, that he is setting them up for destruction. They want to stop him now. They don’t want us to blame them for being m7’s people and don’t want to go down with Museveni or to pay for his sins after he is overthrown.

7. A group that cuts across opposition and NRM that is desperate for change but fears to use violent means. They don’t miss the opportunity to declare how committed they are to peaceful, non violent, constitutional means. They even believe they can organise and win an election organised by Museveni! They can also participate in civil disobedience actions if assured they will not be arrested or die . They form the bulk of the so called WhatsApp warriors. They fight by expressing anger at the regime, analysing, blaming everybody except themselves, but cannot go off their buts to lose their comfort. To them prison is as scary as a grave perhaps. My favourite vocal civil society activists fall in this category. They live well, eat well. Drive nice cars. They just can’t have their comfort disrupted.

8. Another group that cuts accross opposition and NRM that is convinced that only the gun can cause the change they desire. They believe any other method is a waste of time and a way to legitimise m7’s family / military rule and to prolong the suffering of the people. Yet MOST of them are neither ready to undergo military training, learn how to use a rifle, fund armed rebellion or take any steps to execute their dream. They are romantic about violent change. They call for war but want to sleep with their wives or husbands every night and also drop their children to school every morning! Exile? Oh noooo.

9. Another group that cuts across as well that is only good at talking, bragging, taking credit for other peoples achievements (like praising Kyuma kya Yesu for example who roughed up Simeo Nsubuga at the beginning of Togikwatako) but cannot play any meaningful role that brings risk to their lifestyle. To them they support Man U or Arsenal in the same way they support Besigye or Museveni. They would rather watch a soccer match or attend a music show or grab a beer with friends as they argue about politics- than attend an opposition activity. But they want change anyway… so that they can enjoy life better.

# There could be more types.. (think of others) but these are clearly identifiable.



Be part of that leadership that will harmonise the (especially) younger population that wants change so desperately, but without the resources to achieve their aspirations.

Be part of the leadership that will be creative enough to achieve more with less resources, with lesser losses of life. You must be a team player.

Fighting for positions and influence shall not help this cause.

To be part of this leadership you must be humble enough to learn new ways of organisation, be tolerant and to be brave. And above all to be actively patient.

What is certain though is that some lives SHALL HAVE TO BE LOST before a power shift in Uganda is secured. About this sad fact, we have no illusions.
Lets talk more.


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