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Welcome to the youngest country in Africa, Republic of Kawempe

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United States of Kawempe issues a statement:

I read your undated communique concerning the formation of the Republic of Kawempe.  You will agree with all Ugandans that everyone in this country (Uganda) has decided to do what pleases him or her at the expense of the so many suffering Ugandans.

For example; the president of Uganda, Gen. Yoweri Museveni used over UGX 300 billion to secure for himself LIFE PRESIDENCY (this can create over 10,000 jobs for our people).

Members of Parliament (aka MPigs) gave themselves a seven year term instead of the 5 year term for which their constituencies had sent them to parliament for.

All these vices are taking place where there is only one name and one person for whom the entire country is sacrificing the future for.

In any event or all events as Ugandans now know, if you do not belong to a certain name known or tribe or exclusive class, all opportunities for employment, work contracts, scholarships and promotions are cut off from you.  For this reason, we need our own Republic and we have created it.

For example, the Kawempe division offices are all manned by people who do not even come from Kawempe but all come from the Western Region.  And this is not to say that our people in Kawempe are not qualified to man these offices.  Our people have just not been given chances to work for us.

Consequently, as young people living in Kawempe, we have decided to take over Kawempe and declare our own Republic.  For we see no equality for us in the future of being part of Uganda.  The inequalities are very obvious to not only us but to you as well who created this imbalance.

Dear Mr. Emilian Kayima,

Uganda Police (UPF) long ceased to maintain security and protection of Ugandans and their property as mandated for the police force.  It is now very obvious and globally known that the UPF mandate has been and is increasingly even more pronounced that your vested interest is not to protect Ugandans or their property.  You have chosen to protect the Life Presidency of Museveni and you have ensured that not only does Uganda know this, but your entire UPF is on live cameras globally clobbering Ugandans and shooting innocent unarmed citizens to death.  Kawempe Republic will have nothing to do with a murderous police force.

We have noted in your communication that you are attempting to tag our noble cause for our Republic of Kawempe with your usual useless NRM connected youth and even as far as thinking that it is Hon. John Amama Mbabazi (JPAM) who is behind The Kawempe Republic.

One thing you can do to redeem yourself and UPF is to immediately release all the innocent youth UPF is holding in coolers without charges, past the 48 hour holding minimum as per the constitution without producing them in courts of law.  You do know that this is against the Uganda Constitution (whatever is left of it that we can salvage).  Thank you.

We are moving forward and we will keep moving forward.

Published on behalf of

H.E Walakiira Hamiidu Luutu

Endorsed by Hon. Drake Mboowa,
Minister of Energy, Kawempe republic

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