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VIDEO: Museveni lives a life of opulence at the expense of Ugandans

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The Museveni family and his top friends have been living a lifestyle of opulence and wealth that no other president including Kenya, Tanzania, have ever lived. From foreign doctors to joyous helicopter rides for his grandchildren, for his cows and endless cash flow.  Museveni’s cows have got more army officers guarding them than Ugandans being harassed and killed in Kampala.

We have confirmed that Museveni has built a state of the art bunker hospital that contains a surgery wing fully equipped with General anesthesia: IV medications and anesthetic gases to induce temporary unconsciousness so you cannot feel pain during the operation.  That hospital is equipped with three specialist doctors from Germany.  Ugandans die on roads and the government pays no attention. Museveni recently bragged that he does not get sick and this is the reason.

Museveni’s sister Kajubiri was operated on inside this hospital before being airlifted to Germany.  All of Museveni’s family members are treated in Hamburg, Germany and this is so because Museveni’s brother in law is a German. When Museveni said that he was working for his family and political beliefs, he was not kidding.  Agaba died in pain and was conscious but during a helicopter evacuation, Kajubiri was airlifted to Rwakitura first.

We all remember the late Agaba was a staunch supporter of Museveni and even killed people while evicting residents from their land, but in the end, Museveni did not care for Agaba.  For the first time, Kay Amin’s son wrote an article accusing Obote and FRONASA of brutally abducting his mother 43 years ago and the savage way she was killed.  He and blamed it on Obote.  Ugandans need to understand that the groups in Tanzania competed with each other on who would kill more prominent Ugandans during Amin’s regime.  Kay’s son named Dr. Bisase is a dentist who is a witness to all those murders and Museveni tried to silence him but thanks God Museveni failed.

This should be a wake-up call to all the people who think that Museveni cares about them, Abiriga, Betty Kamya, Tamale Mirundi and many others that you can sing Museveni’s praises today but tomorrow it could be a different situation.  It is beyond our understanding how can someone kill another person to live a life of opulence? Museveni WILL NEVER GIVE UP POWER PEACEFULLY and the only thing Museveni fears the most is a revolution and most people have discounted this as a nonstarter.  Revolutions are like plants.  They take time to mature.

We should have listened and taken Dr. Besigye’s words and actions very seriously if we really wanted to get rid of Museveni.  Museveni has tranquilized UPDF and SFC and both are in deep sleep and cannot and will never wake up, but only to eat posho and be sent into wars.  A serious REVOLUTION, is our only viable option.  Museveni has formed a NATO like condition with Rwanda and South Sudan.  He wanted this for all the Great Lakes Region countries but Kenya and Tanzania so far have flatly rejected to join.

To bring change in Uganda for all of us Ugandans, we need each other; teachers, health workers, religious leaders, farmers, and everyone to stand up to the occasion.



Nathan Span

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