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VIDEO: African youth consumed by football and nothing else!

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What takes up all the attention of African youth is football.  Most the youth are unemployed and yet their source of joy in this deplorable state is only football.  Who says football says Barcelona or Real Madrid. The youth are never disappointed with the dictatorial governments regimes in Africa.  They are rather disappointed with the defeat of Barçelona or Real Madrid. People mourn more the defeat of Barcelona or Real Madrid than the defeat of Jean-Pierre Fifa or Jean Ping in the elections.

The youth dispute more the referees of the matches of football than the presidents of CENI who proclaim elections being rigged.  I will not give names.  The priority of African youth is not politics, it is football.  A speech by a head of state scheduled at the same time as a football game will always be boycotted.

The same goes for African girls, they also do not bother to watch political debates.  They prefer to shout when there someone is crying in the soap opera rather than shout when a thief is proclaimed head of the state.  African youth girls as boys must take an interest in politics, put pressure on heads of state (dictators) to be aware of their miserable fate. Open your eyes! Think of your fate in Africa. Messi and Ronaldo are billionaires. El Diablo Alexandro Pedro Medina Marimar or Leon Barra are rich.

They earn their living and do not know that you exist somewhere in Africa.  African youth are also not thinking about their future because poverty has taken over.  We lazily watch games. Football is turning us away from our reality.  Let’s live our passion, but we also must care about our daily lives. We suffer too much in Africa and it is the fault of some leaders who show bad governance.  This is under the impotent gaze of their liars and supporters.

Politics is now belly politics.  Incredible!  The enemy is supported by naïve military who never question anything the dictator says or does.  If anything, the military’s the army person will walk with the dictator until eternity.  African youth do not need to go far to identify corrupt leaders.  For a divided opposition in a common struggle is but pure betrayal vis-à-vis the African people.  But how to be united when all you are interested in is football!

The unemployment rate is keeps rising. Today in Africa few take account a degree or diploma to hire a girl for work.  Her two breasts have more strength than her CV.  Once recruited as secretary she offers her goods to her manager so as not to lose her job.  And for what salary!  Sex is the solution to unemployment in Africa.  It is a sad reality.

We say life is a choice but who choses to live in such misery? Only African leaders can answer this question. Young girls get married early because their parents have given up on them.  Unemployment leads youth to alcoholism, robbery and gambling.  A minority have embarked on entrepreneurship while the majority still wallow in the ballooning unemployment whose common denominator is disappointment.

This too now drives the youth to immigration. But those who remain on the black continent must wake up and realize that AFRICA is still not independent and that for Africa to liberate itself from dictatorship, a dynamic and determined youth is necessary.  Let us leave Messi in Barcelona and pre-occupy ourselves with our AFRICA.

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