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USA bought Alaska from Russia for USD $7.2M in 1867

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Over 150 years ago Russia sold Alaska for $7.2M. In 2017, Museveni bought Uganda by paying each MP a measly $19,000. A country that has oil, minerals, jet fighters, 38 millions people and much more. I never knew how poor our MPs were till when they got paid such less money to sell off their nation.

From Maama Mabira to most of NRM and independent MPs who voted to amend the constitution are facing it rough from their constituencies while dictator Museveni got what he wanted and the the rest is history. Imagine selling your nation with your family, friends in it for such little money and you call yourself Honorables.

Maama Mabira sensing the people of Kitgum not sending her back to parliament she has made a self alarm to dictator Museveni. Hay I voted yes to amend the constitution and now am ready to work for you. Museveni isn’t listening and busy playing matatu with his grandchildren.

Many of those MPs who voted for the amendments are back in the villages through the backdoors but Museveni isn’t moved. If you’re stupid enough to be used like that you must enter your home through the backdoor.

Rebecca Kadaga also sensing trouble she has tried to mend fences within her constituency by praising cultural leaders for really ohelping the community, but nobody is paying attention, Museveni is busy telling more lies on airwaves that the economy is really really doing good and oooooh wait and see 2018, wonders are abound for Ugandans.

Just wait for oil money and you will see how tough I will be on corrupt officials. Those who benefited the most from the amendments took to the church to praise him the highest and those that got 69M/= (29M/=) + (40M/=) which is equivalent to $19,000.00, are already broke and figuring out how they can trick Museveni into giving them more money.

Museveni will never give you a single penny any more.?He got what he wanted…life presidency and you sold your nation to the devil for 69M/= Ugandan money. Yes you’re so cheap very cheap to sell your country for jus under $20,000 you sold your soul to the devil and your political career is done and for dictator Museveni, his political journey to life presidency just begun so he thinks.


Nathan Span

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