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UPC asked Museveni to respond to Karamoja hunger in 2015

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This is not a question of the international community. Get serious. You have a minister for Karamoja who happens to be the wife to the president. You have more than 100 mining companies pillaging Karamoja. You have taken away their lands in the name of investors.

You have gotten into the habit of turning a blind eye to the child trafficking. You stole their cows, took away their guns, forced them into camps to die and now you ask the government to help? Get serious. We can solve this problem ourselves without the help of the blood suckers that took Karamoja down in the first place and oh please, back off from International donors.

They given enough but the thieves never let the money get to the people. Show us what happened to the $140 million given for Karamoja but never got there. You had 165 people of malaria some months ago and have 8,000 – 10,000 cases of malaria weekly and now only UPC notices there is a problem. OMG, no wonder I no longer pay attention to this party.  Dr. Obote must be rolling in his grave.

Martha Leah Nangalama October 2, 2015


By Jeff Andrew Lule THE Uganda People’s Congress (UPC) faction led by MP Jimmy Akena, has called on Government and the International Community to respond urgently to famine and hunger in Karamoja. The faction’s spokesperson, Michael Orach Osinde said many lives in Karamoja are in danger due to lack of what to eat. “We call on government to act swiftly before we lose people.

People spend days on empty stomachs. Those who can support like the international community and the World Food Program are welcome,” he said, in an interview with New Vision at UPC offices in Kampala. Recently government dispatched several tonnes of relief food including beans and posho among others to feed the people of Karamoja to cope with the drought.

Osinde said there is need to come up with strong polices on food security to guide local communities on how to prepare for such situations in the future. “Each family should have a storage tower or silo to stock food to take them through in case of such situations. This will help fight both hunger and poverty,” he said. He stressed that the problem had expanded to other areas in the Northern, Eastern and Central parts of the country, due to climate change, which has greatly affected the traditional weather patterns.

They also highlighted the high rate of unemployment in the country, saying it was alarming especially among youth. “Though government has made several attempts at managing the economy, the country still faces a problem of high unemployment and interest rates, hence perpetual poverty,” he noted. He said many people are educated but lack jobs to earn a living.

According to statistics, of the 35 million Ugandans, 78% are 30 years and below and of those, 80% remain unemployed. Out of the over 40,000 graduates churned out by universities annually, less than a quarter get absorbed in the job market.

Osinde said, UPC’s new leadership under Akena, had already embarked on networking to invest in creating and expanding opportunities for all Ugandans in reference to the poor health care system and education, through Obote Milton Foundation (MOF). “It is for this reason that the current leadership may not tolerate any individual who tries to abuse the good intention and objective of MOF,” he added.

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