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Understanding Gen. Tumukunde statement on Museveni’s life presidency

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Understanding Gen. Tumukunde statement on #Museveni’s life presidencMuseveni’s Minister of Regime Security, Gen. Henry Tumukunde has issued a statement dispelling fears that Museveni is set for a life presidency scheme.  Tumukunde has revealed that Museveni’s NRM party is looking for a successor who would be introduced to the public “very soon”.  However, he added that “…. for now, Museveni is still our party leader until that person is got.”  He went ahead to further reveal that successor will not be from among the current top party leadership but a young person.  The revelation comes against a background of the most recent lifting of the constitutional age limit and treacherous reinstatement of the term limit.

Ugandans should take Gen. Tumukunde’s revelations very seriously because he is a top member of Museveni’s Inner Circle by virtue of his blood relationship with the First Family and being the Minister of Regime Security.  On 21st December 2017, this website ran an article titled; THE BRIGHT SIDE OF MUSEVENI’S LIFTING OF AGE LIMIT in which at the opening of paragraph 3 we argued thus; “Actually he (Museveni) can even surprise the world by stepping down anytime as long as he has accomplished the entrenchment of MUSEVENISM.  His son who is the defacto commander of the Armed Forces is supposed to succeed him at all cost.”  Though Gen. Tumukunde’s revelation fits well into this prediction, Ugandans should take extra care.

While it is a fact that pressure is mounting on Museveni, he is renown for making diversionary pledges whenever he is cornered.  He is renown for always advancing different excuses whenever he is seeking re-election.  From building a professional army, fighting corruption, to creating wealth, he has always hoodwinked Ugandans.  Even this one could be another ploy to put off the mounting pressure.  On the other hand, owing to his diminishing hopes of becoming the first President of the East African Community, whose future is currently in balance, he may step down for a figure head president as he lays ground for his son to take over through a sham electoral process.

“Watch the space but if you are to shoot the messenger kindly use a rubber bullet”.

Museveni is about to dupe Ugandans once again.


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