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Ugandans need to read for it could save their lives

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It was P5 or P6 when we were in Mbuya living by the baracks in one of those big houses for UPTL.

One day this silly brother opens the window of the boys’ quarters yelling “Leah, the door is stuck.  Come and open for me.”.

Run up the steps and open the door.

Came around with the Military Baracks woman looking over me and checking if I was not dead yet.

The little prick had wired the door into a socket.  I was jolted with a volt so big I fell down the hill. Luckily, our deaf neighbour (he was in the army), he sees me tumbling and calls the military nurse.  But this man was so good.  While the nurse was checking me over, he was giving a lecture to James to stop playing with wires.

Mzee was called at work and had to race from his office to Mbuya to see if I was okay. I WAS NOW going “oh yeah, James, you gonna see it.  You gonna get so many canes and will never try to kill your little sister again”.

Imagine my shock, the dad does not cane the kid.  But he is the kind of father that never believed in caning his kids unless absolutely necessary (and this is where my siblings readings this must not say the only  times when he caned me).

Given as the culprit was not gonna get punished, I asked father to show me how to wire things into a socket. Wires of blue, orange, white, green (I forget) but one of them prevents lightning striking you.

OPENS THE HOME LIBRARY (we grew up with a home library. How cute). Points to books of Physics and Chemistry. “Mayi Leah, there is nothing in the world that has never ever been written about.  All problems experienced by man have been written about.  All possible solutions have also been written about.  When you open a book, you will travel into science, history, globe, culture, anything you put your mind on”.

The next day ( I read furiously so I had gone through that chapter overnight), I look at this little prick and decide that it was a waste of my time to electrocute him.  BESIDES, James was a wizard in anything that involved numbers (like most of my siblings), but I was weak.  AND he was always helping me with the Maths.  I vetoed that motion and moved on. Since his English (reading and writing) was so horrible, I decided to read more none sciences to the point where I became his tutor for English.

The next holiday break, this crazy Acholi girl (she was like our oldest sister as ours was in some boarding school), comes running to our place speaking very fast. She used to give us maido and simsim and we are looking in her hands and she has brought nothing like our odii.  She was holding something.  We grab it from her and run to our friend in the army (the deaf gentleman).  Quick, he grabs the thing from us.

This Mucholi had found out her BF was cheating on her and she had gone through the house and picked up a grenade and run super fast to come tell Leah and James that she was gonna blow her lying cheating boyfriend to smithereens.

Our good military friend had us call father and tell him that when he returns from work, he should not go to Kiswa for malwa with his friends but come because Owuma wanted to talk to him.

We learned how to use grenades.  We learned how to cock guns. We learned the safety thingie on the pistol.  It was fascinating.  After that, of course we had to read about ammunitions just in case we ever run into future friends who feel like killing their boyfriends.


1) Pre-Emptive Strike is from Napoean.

2) Scorched earth in warfare is from Russia vs. Napolean.

3) LandGrabbing, peasantry, hunger, revolutions are from FRENCH REVOLUTION when Marie Antionette said “If they have no bread, let them eat cake”.


Killing off a small group of minorities or persecuting them is from Hitler and Martin Niemöller

5) “First, they came for the Jews…then one time they came for me and there was no one left to speak for me.

6) National IDs are from Apartheid where one could not move around without a tag.

7) Justice is from MLK “no one is free until we are all free” – for Justice must never be exclusive

8) Defiance is from Ghandi (peaceful defiance)

9) Destroying the foundation (education and family structures) has been written about by many

10) Burkina Faso, Arab Spring — if this is the life I face, my children face and my grandchildren, then let me die now fighting for a better for the future of my nation.

11) History will judge all of us harshly.  Nkrumah said “I DO NOT LOVE AFRICA BECAUSE I WAS BORN IN AFRICA but because Africa was born in me”.

Maybe you do not love Uganda because you were born in Uganda, but Uganda was born in you.  Consequently, your duty to Uganda is to fight for a free Uganda devoid of all suffering for all Ugandans.

Man’s Search for Meaning is a 1946 book by Viktor Frankl chronicling his experiences as an Auschwitz concentration camp inmate during World War II, and describing his psychotherapeutic method, which involved identifying a purpose in life to feel positively about, and then immersively imagining that outcome.

Martha Leah Nangalama

READ as if your life depends on it.  BECAUSE IT DOES!

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