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Ugandans need to remain alert; Oil handshake refund then State of Emergency

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Many of us made noise about the sh. 6 billion oil handshake and finally today President Yoweri Museveni says he will refund the money.

Do not celebrate yet.  Some minutes later he declared a State of Emergency using Hunger as the main reason.

Uganda government has been in the spotlight for the thugs who are terrorising people in Masaka and Kampala area so while we celebrate the Oil Handshake refund, we must not lose focus of the age limit.  The State of Emergency was going to be declared anyway because of the government sponsored gangs who are killing Ugandans and anyone who knows how fascism works could have seen this State of Emergency coming for Security reasons.

However since some of the killers were on live media confessing that they are State Sponsored, the State of Emergency was declared for the hunger running rampant in the country.  AND yes people are going hungry and dying of famine but while Katakwi and Toroma were shot at for getting free food from opposition FDC party, the same government is in media saying they are delivering rice to Mbarara which has few if any opposition.

The two issues (oil and state of emergency) will derail many of you from a big issue at hand.  Dr. Stella Nyanzi is getting no justice.  AND you will also remember that Museveni’s surrogate son Norbert Mao had MP Betty Nambooze tortured and arrested.  By the way, the social media rumours that she died this morning are just rumours.  Nambooze is very much alive.

We need to follow the sequence of events and stop being terribly forgetful.  This same morning URA shut down Kanyamunyu’s Logistics company claiming none payment of VAT.  But have you forgotten about Akena?

At the same time, we have Desh Kananura kind of falling in the background so that we forget that he murdered his own employee.

Of course then there is IGP Kayihura who had a whistle blower arrested for having dared to tell Museveni that the police has criminal elements.

Okay, Museveni may not be a likeable person but do you take him for STUPID?  This man will play you like a violin.  Keep your eyes open.

Then our menstration pads.  No cancer machine. Un paid salaries. Deleting 25,000 pensioneers off govt payroll.  Unpaid teachers. UPDF and UPF evictions of people off their land and then some of them from their own barracks.

We will not even get into the media gag orders because we are so short sighted we only focus on one thing at a time.  Here is truth.  KEEP EVERY INJUSTICE IN FOCUS or you will be the next one to fall.  Some of you are laughing at the Minister who is in media for bribes but you have forgotten the Gavi Funds, $140 million for Karamoja, 430 million Euros from the Global Fund and the daily Land Grabbing.

Naturally no one follows up on the assassinated generals and majors or business men and women.  Where is Aron Baguma even?

Do not also forget about the graduates being sold to Arabs or the high unemployment rate. UPDF also flew one of our sons to Somalia and court martialed him there while we were enjoying our sleep. How could we possibly let a man who had been tortured to near death be flown into a foreign country, be tried there with no lawyers and then be incarcerated in a foreign country?

Does it bother you how fast we have forgotten about AIGP Felix Andrew Kaweesi?  Just checking.  Because you are next and you are not even a high profile person.

Martha Leah Nangalama

Moncton, Canada …. hate me all you want but I am here to remind you of what you may have forgotten. My voice will never be for sale.

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