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Ugandans must stop using Social Media to attack and insult total strangers

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I am living proof of Ugandans attacking total strangers.  But the country has some wonderful people though.

So far every project I have worked on in Uganda was by people who met me on Social Media (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn).

This is a feel good story.

In 2013 and 2014, a gentleman in Uganda noticed my passion on Social Media about the plight of Uganda.  I was always writing about business, oil and technology.  He was the Chief Editor of an online news site.  He asked me to contribute to his news site.  I did not hesitate because it would be fun.  He then told me apart from business writing and IT, I also had to cover regional news in the Great Lakes, Global News and Sports.

I told him he was an idiot for thinking I could go into those things which were not in my blood.  This man then told me “you can do it.  You will do it.  You will also do it for free.  It is Uganda that needs what you can contribute”.  Naturally he is now my worstest enemy because he turned my life into hell.

Fast forward.  I had met some great people from Uganda on Facebook and felt like I had to make a difference in Uganda.  Not sure how that all turned out though but likely good.

These days, I am sourcing for writers from Uganda.  People who can tell their stories of the suffering in Uganda.  They are not paid.  In fact, sometimes they are lucky if I even afford data to them but they are committed.

Many Ugandans have asked how I get information before it hits Uganda media houses.  It is because sometimes we run into friends who will share the information very fast without being paid.

I met my web designer on Social Media.  Twitter actually and he now dictates what I do on the website he built for me for free.  I will pay him one day.

I met all my business partners in Uganda on Social Media (Facebook mostly) and I do not think they regret having met me because their success is my goal.

When Ugandans go on Facebook Zero, Facebook Light, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc.. and attack a total stranger, they miss opportunities.  I might be wrong on how Ugandans use Social Media badly but those who have so far gone one – on – one with me know that it is not that bad.  Where I would ask for “how may I help you?”  Some answer “I do not need your help.  I have a degree in computer engineering and 7yrs unemployed but I will get a job one of these days”.  If this is not stupid then I have no idea what stupid is.  I wanna help you but you just told me “you live in Canada and have no idea of what is on the ground.  Come back home and fight here”.  Apparently so I can also get sick with no medicine and die in their pathetic hospitals.  I always only ask what one is working on and how I might help.

Sadly, many Ugandans think that having a phone in their hands makes them smart. “NEVER LET YOUR SMART PHONE BE SMARTER THAN YOU”.  We are in this all together.  Attacking someone on social media makes you lose opportunities.  Perhaps the person you are abusing might not give you a job but that person might have connections or access to money to fund your project.

Martha Leah Nangalama

Moncton, Canada

Hating me is a mistake but spares me from bafeere.  I thank the few Ugandans who rise above this because together we can make a difference since we are in this together.

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