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Ugandans must stop abusing social media or else govt should block it

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When Uganda government blocked social media in February 2016 for the elections, it was an assault on our freedom of speech.

When Uganda government blocked social media in May 2016 for our President Gen. (Retired) Yoweri Museveni inauguration, it was an assault on our freedom of speech.

But exactly what did we expect when the POMB and Mini-Skirt laws and Kill gays were passed at the same time?  We are a country of mediocrity.  We live for today and do not calculate the future because tusaba gavamenti etuyambe.

During the elections, many people abused Social Media mostly via FaceBookZero (FBLight) because they cannot afford data.  Then the ones who can afford data are in many WhatsApp groups spewing nothing educative or informative.  Lately many of them are on Twitter because of the Social Bundles which cost UGX 2,000 per week.  Social bundles, FBzero and WhatsApp users cannot open Internet links or Youtube videos unless they pay for data.  So this one time, some guy commented on an article by The Observer about an accident “What Happened?”.  I was floored because Observer had put the link to the article.  So this kind of idiocy has to stop.

Then we also have the madness of people who say what is your name?  But it is right there.  Then they proceed to tell you that in Uganda everyone uses a fake name and profile.  Excuse me sir boss.  If you open Google and punch in Martha Leah Nangalama, I am sure you will find what you are looking for.


Yesterday I wake up at 3:00AM my time and I am in a group called MAUREEN KYALYA PRESIDENT OF UGANDA 2021 (or some silly thing like that).  I posted in the group “could the moron who put me in this group remove me?”.  Then all hell broke loose.  Suddenly I was a malaya.  I was a villager.  I was a mulyanyma.  I was not loved or ever loved.  I was brainless..nebilala.  The problem is half of them were speaking I think Lusoga.  But I am not a Musoga.  I hate jiggers with a passion.  I do live in a village yes.  But the malaya thing…those people even used to call Kyalya a malaya.  But the story of me being a malaya was started and propagated by someone who said I divorced my husband Daniel Nangalama because I wanted to work as a prostitute on the streets of Winnipeg Manitoba.  I have never even lived in Winnipeg.  Actually the entire world knows that Dan Nangalama is my father.  BUT this man was the chief mobiliser for a presidential candidate for 2016.  GOOGLE can spare you mistakes.

Back to why I strongly believe that Hon. Frank Tumwebaze, Minister of ICT in Uganda, should block Social Media and the entire Internet is because of STUPID.  How can you allow imbeciles who can hardly Cingratulate to be on Social Media?  How can you allow brats who beg for sh. 500 to be on WhatsApp abusing people?  How can you let them spend the little money they can get on social media when they are going hungry?

Block the damn thing.  Shut them off.  Then maybe, perhaps, and hopefully, they will go find a job and stop posting my nudes.  But that is even nothing because I have a hot body.  BUT to put me in a Maureen group for president?  Have you lost your mind?  Basoga are selling their daughters for UGX 20,000 per month.  Then the other stupid was being put in a WhatsApp group “General Muhoozi for 2021” and “NRM Poor Youth for Museveni”.  This is where you really need to check the person before you add them in silly groups.  Do you know that one of my own relatives is gonna stand for president in 2021?  Hohoho.  Dr. Richard Matsanga. BURN!

Martha Leah Nangalama

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