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VIDEO: Ugandans attack SPAN security warning, he replies

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Myopic Ugandans are too lazy to use their brains. SPAN does not live in Canada and has never lived in Canada. He is also not Canadian unless they think Canada is in the United States of America.



Today morning, a Canadian based Ugandan commonly known as Nathan Span made false threats to the general public through various WhatsApp claiming that the city and its neighboring areas such as Ndeeba, Kibuye, Kawempe, Ntinda, Nakulabye, Mengo, and Natete would be under siege by unidentified killers murdering innocent people. He continued and connected his claims to the Uganda Police.

He further claims that the government is unable to protect its citizens. I don’t blame him so much since he is faraway and unaware of how safer Uganda is becoming everyday and I am encouraging him to return home and enjoy fresh breathe from the Pearl of Africa.

I don’t understand the role of police in the country he is living in now but I would like to let him know that the role of the Uganda Police is to provide law and order to every citizen within the country. The Uganda Police has provided a country free from criminal activities and the Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF) has ensured a peaceful country free from rebel groups and recently evidenced when the ADF are victims of UPDF.

Nathan Span further claims that the Uganda Police is only good at arresting and torturing innocent citizens within the country which is clearly understood by someone below the youth stage. This is not a racist country where law enforcers concentrate on torturing innocent individuals. Only suspects a are arrested and paraded in courts of law. I kindly advise Nathan Span to stop circulating his personal assumptions to the society.

I encourage all citizens to ignore these allegations and treat their sources irrelevant. They are just polluting the society with false propaganda for their selfish interests.


Just last year, the police in the USA killed approximately 1000 people. Yes, the police in the most peaceful country in the world killed that many, mostly innocent black males. So what? you may say. well a one Nathan Span deep in his dystopian hide out of Canada dreamt up a ridiculous claim that our Uganda Police, one he has not interacted with since running into hiding, is planning on killing the very citizens that have entrusted it with safeguarding their lives.

Fact is that crime especially violent crime leading to death has greatly reduced in the last Five years thanks to measures that have been instituted and cooperation by the various security infrastructure in the Country.

I wouldn’t expect him to know but it is in Uganda only where you find people freely move in the wee hours of the night as they go on with businesses and personal leisures. Ugandans shall not be cowed not least by arm chair counter revolutions-lists. These last ditch efforts to frustrate the freedoms of the citizens with empty threats shall bear no fruit, as no weapon forged against the people shall prosper. Ask ADF that tried this in the late 1990’s, up to to now the lighting that hit them still strikes them in the forests of Congo till today.

For one to concote such a desperate narrative is evidence that his ideas of premature counter revolution have hit the rocks and this miscarriage of hope has driven him to cringe onto whatever straws of grass he may see as drowns in the tears of Oblivion.

Aluta Continua.


Nathan Span had issued a warning to the residents of Kampala and its surroundings to take extra precautions while traveling at night due to the criminal gangs supported by the police to terrorize the citizens into accepting life presidency of Museveni.

The police has deployed individuals that are capable of murder and kidnaping and blame it on rebel group activities in the country. Recently the police released a video clip of police operatives claiming to have committed crimes and if it was not for Span and others to criticize the IGP for leaving those self confessed murders to go free, the police was unconcerned. After an outrageous cry for action the police started rounding up those that had confessed to the crimes.

Span or others criticizing the uganda police have never admitted being masters of violence but its dictator Museveni. The police has not arrested criminals that killed muslim leaders, Entebbe murders, and Bukomansimbi murderers or a special prosecutor who was gunned down in front of her children, but in order to calm the situation down, innocent people are arrested. Kayihorror camped in Bukomansimbi but only to complain of jiggers attacking him same tactics Museveni used to camp in the Northern region to apprehend Kony but come back as he had gone to the camp with an AK-47 and a walking stick.

We are warning the general public to stay clear of Kampala after dark. The days of a yellow bus MPAAWO ATALIKAABA are upon us once again. It’s your life but the warning has been issued.

Nathan Span

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