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UGANDAN teachers rape students. It is cool with the nation

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ANDREW KARAMAGI – In my humble opinion and out of my (admittedly limited) experience as a member of a university’s faculty, the safest way out of this mess for academic staff (male lecturers especially) is to minimize or altogether avoid any ‘extracurricular’ contact with students of the opposite sex.

Consent is immaterial.

Whether or not the student (many of whom are adults) consents, sexual relations with a person over whom you have some sort of power/authority or influence (this can extend to a househelp—derogatorily referred to as “house girls” or “house boys”—, junior workmate, intern or student), is, generally speaking, unconscionable, and dangerous for the party with an upper hand in the “relationship”. How should this person who is in a weaker financial, social or other position dare to reject the advances of a stronger person? Often, they don’t have a choice.

At any rate, there’s soooo many fish out there in the seas and high oceans for one to cast their nets in a pond…it doesn’t make sense to target people who have been placed under your stewardship as a teacher, supervisor or mentor. You owe them a fiduciary duty of care.

In university environments, you’ll be invited by students to birthday parties, leavers’ balls, hostel bashes, beach fetes and drink ups but that doesn’t, ipso facto, oblige you to honour the invitation(s).

You may be labeled aloof, uptight, snobbish or even impotent, but a little discretion and self restraint can go a long way in protecting your hard-earned name, career or social standing. I wonder what explanation one can give to their wife, children, in laws and/or friends where a photo showing you “giving head” to a student goes viral on social media.

That said, I am mindful of and respect the fact that there are genuine and long-lasting relationships that may arise out of such environments and even lead to happy, mutually rewarding and committed engagements like long term partnerships or marriage.

MARTHA LEAH NANGALAMA – As a rule, teachers lose their jobs for sleeping with their students. It is not negotiable. Consesual does not matter. Apparently the guy is just an Administrator. He is in a position of power. Back off. Superiors must avoid relationships with their surbordinates. Uganda universities need to teach
1) Critical Thinking
2) Ethics.

Imagine how many Ugandans (including Makerere students) are condemning the girl. For how long are we going to make excuses for rapists?  I have 4 daughters and I would never send them to any university which sanctions professor student relationships. —— AUTO – GENERATED; Published (Halifax Canada Time AST) on: April 18, 2018 at 01:13PM

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