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UGANDA: Youth, what is your plan for your future? – VIDEO

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You will find a youth of age 25 to 30 years of age.  This youth has a degree as now these papers can be printed on Nasser Road and Republic Street rather easily so having a degree is not that glamorous. So much for the degree.  You can assume for purpose of argument that the degree is from Makerere Univeristy (the Ivory Tower) or from Kyambogo University (the real school) and then you now have to come to grips with the life of the youth in Uganda.

Let us address the case of the male youth.  I understand that females in that age group get:

  1.  Kukyala at age 23
  2.  Kwanjula at age 24
  3.  Wedding at age 25

and since our culture (from what I am told by both male and female) says that the man must provide for the wife and kids, we will leave the plight of the female youth aside.  Although now one should wonder why so many of them go to the Middle East to work as maids and sex slaves.  Is it possible that the rich men market has dried up?

The typical Ugandan male youth on Facebook and WhatsApp has their biggest investment as their phone.  With this phone, the youth can

  1. Travel to anywhere in the world.  
  2. Apply for scholarships to any college or university in the world. 
  3. Get a job
  4. Open a business
  5. Get business partners
  6. Get free funding support for their project
What do our youth do with the one asset (these kids have no houses, cars or land) so the phone is really their biggest investment apart from the clothes on their back?
  1. Sorry that is too long for me to read
  2. No we do not read long things
  3. Please just tell me what to do
  4. I do not have a computer
  5. Here we have no Internet
  6. I do not know how to write an application
  7. We are on social media for funs
  8. …..nebilala nebilala…..
Meanwhile in none SHITHOLE country.  A kid tells you by age 25, I want 
  1. To be making enough money to pay off my student loan. 
  2. Have a car
  3. Save money for a down payment on a house or condo
  4. Settled in my career and maybe married with kids and a house by age 30
  5. Travel
BUT UGANDAN YOUTH are waiting for when Museveni’s regime is going to fall and opposition will create for the country 30 million jobs for the 30 million unemployed youth????  What kind of weed are these kids smoking?
ps: Yes, I know this is too long to read fully.  But you are the one who is unemployed with no prospect of even getting a job in the next 5yrs so maybe go start a business!

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