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UGANDA: X-Files from the village

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By DENIS WABUYI, March 18, 2018


Libutsye is a big rat that is known for opulence and love for good things. It is very common for neighbors to accuse one another of theft only to learn that it was libutsye which was actually taking the items. It can collect money, clothes, food and any other movable item for their bed normally in holes in houses or antihills.

It is Mayi U’muganda who started this habit of rats giving money to children. Since then, many children claim that rats give them money in exchange for their milk teeth and it is common for young kids to try forcing their teeth out so that a rat can give him money. So, Filex also placed his tooth behind the water pot known as isongo, where we draw our drinking. The beauty about isongo is its natural coolant that keeps the water cold for drinking, even in the hottest of months. Filex chose this place because rats have dug a hole just behind the pot and expected the rats to pass by before going on any other of their errands.


Then money got lost in the house, it was a 50 shillings note. Filex was spotted at school buying “bolingo”. Asked where he got the money, the rat had given him out of his tooth. He found the money exactly where he had put his tooth, he alleged. For stealing his mother’s money, he received some beatings. “Rats can’t


It was surprising however that even after this, money continued disappearing from their house. What had started as a family affair now spread to the neighborhood especially after other valuables such as watches, half-petty and other clothes started disappearing. U’muganda as we called her started accusing the neighbor’s children but the accusation later graduated to the elders. Someone is surely stealing the clothes to bewitch her. The next illness or misfortune will be attached to this and kukhu umushende was the probable suspect in all this.


This afternoon, with us seated in the mango tree, U’muganda picked her jerrycan to go and fetch water. U’muganda brews waragi for sale. We therefore gather around her home to have a taste before it is put to the market. Sometimes you just keep around so that his son, Shibila can steal and share with you. So when she left for water, Shibila went directly for the Jerrycan containing inguli and poured out a full gama (metallic cup) and brought for us to share.


To our surprise, U’muganda returned in very few minutes than we expect. We did not expect her to return so soon. I picked the metallic cup and ran into the house. “Put that gama back to the drinking water pot” Shibila called to me. But the cup was still full of the waragi. I also placed it atop pot cover with all its content. Whoever wanted to taste the liquor could go as is they are going to drink water and gallop the waragi. U’muganda later became suspicious. She asked why suddenly we are taking a lot of water and in turns. Shibila alone had gone there 3 times in 10 minutes and I have been there twice. As Wetuya rose to go the third time, U’muganda followed him. Poor boy decided to gallop the whole content at once.


Shortly after him galloping inguli signs started showing on Wetuya. The liquor had gotten to his head. When such happens, the best remedy is a woman’s urine. It is the best prescription for one under the intoxication of alcohol. Wemesa was the only girl nearby and she was immediately asked to get us some liquid excreta which came in handy as fast as requested. After the urine was poured down Wetuya’s throat, he slowly started regaining consciously and thereafter started throwing. That is the magic of a woman’s urine. However as U’muganda was going to get drinking water for Wetuya, she felt the strong smell of liquor come off the “gama”.


Out of curiosity, she moved the pot and saw her long lost petty peeping from the assumed rat hole. She called the boys who came to help her remove the pot completely. It was then that they were treated to a surprise

Till then we shall keep you posted.

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