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UGANDA: X-Files From The Village

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Our community just like all other African communities are known for generosity. As much as ownership of property is not communal and despite the infiltration of civilisation, to the core we believe in communalism. That is why it is a long held belief that a child belongs to the whole village

When eating, the man of the home sits under his mango tree and whoever passes by the roadside is always greeted in a way welcoming to join the meal; “Hey, Wandwasi for we are having our lunch”


When Wandwasi heard it from Wondo that “khuli khushekumusi (we are having lunch)” that was an invitation enough and he headed straight to where Wondo is sitting under the mango tree. By the time he reached however, only 3 banana fingers remained on the plate on which Wondo was eating. He therefore thought it wise to join immediately by wiping his hands on his dirty torn trousers and reach for the plate.

As he stretched to reach for the plate, his hand was caught midair by Wondo before he could pick one of the now two remaining bananas. “Wandwasi, tys’osabe mungono. Ukana khurera ano buwukha?”


With humiliation written over the face, he went to look for water and by now only one banana finger remained on the plate.

By the time Wandwasi returned to join in the meal, Wondo was picking the last banana finger but Wandwasi also sat expecting that something has been hoarded for the unexpected visitors as it is with the African culture. “Umuwalasi, is there any more food you bring for Wandwasi?” Wondo called to his wife.

“But papa webasiya (my children’s father) you know that we only got a small namuselukha from lusikhu (banana plantation) today and we have all my children’s children to feed. It was barely enough for us here as well” Wondo’s wife replied from the kitchen where she was seated, surrounded by her grandchildren.


“Wandwasi, mbo wawuliye. Maybe we shall have our evening meal together at Esperito’s shirekere”. “You can imagine the frustration on my face as I walked away in humiliation.”

“This is exactly what happened to me when Musamali also called me during the great hunger of 97”, Wandwasi continued lamenting.


“I was going into my own ways to Chimwanga to get myself drunk then come back and count it a day. As I passed Musamali’s home with him seated under a mango tree, he called onto me to join him for lunch only to reach when the plate is empty. Musamali called Edisa, his wife and she prepared for me porridge. Of course at that hour of the day porridge was the last thing one would ask for but it is better than this stingy men.”


As Wandwasi narrated his ordeal, he had not known that Wondo was standing behind him. He lifted his walking stick and poked Wandwasi; “Wakamise kumulungo ni lusabe. When I say we are having lunch, it is not an invitation to join. After all, when will I ever eat at your place?”


Wondo continued; “If I had wanted you to join I would have said, “itsa khuwambeho”

“Khuwamba shi”

“Busima”. Jokingly, the feud was settled in jokes. That is how we do it.

Till then we shall keep you posted!

WABUYI DENIS AUTO – GENERATED; Published (Halifax Canada Time AST) on: April 12, 2018 at 04:26PM

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