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Uganda women are being killed daily and no one cares!

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During Gen. Iddi Amin’s reign, all global media houses kept announcing to the world that Amin was killing people in Uganda.

During Dr. Milton Obote’s 2 regimes, the same media houses announced how Obote was killing people.

Now, during President Yoweri Museveni’s regime, genocides are committed in Uganda and neighbouring countries and all these media houses keep praising Uganda for welcoming refugees and even go as far as promoting raising funds for Uganda for the refugees.  These rif rafs would not even be in Uganda if UK, US, EU and UN were not actively promoting Museveni to invade neighbouring countries to cause an influx of refugees.  The shame of the UN Secretary General showing up in Uganda to try to raise USD $8 billion for refugees is lamentable.  Did he even stop to ask the Ugandans whose land is grabbed at gun point to provide land for those rif rafs you like to praise as refugees?

Non.  Because media is biased.  You want to make the world think that Uganda is a great country that welcomes every refugee.  We are sick of these foreigners.  These people are given up to $250 to resettle and given land grabbed from Ugandans.  Many Ugandans have been displaced from their family lands to allow thugs from South Sudan, Somalia, DRC, CAR, Rwanda, Burundi and of course the Chinese and Indians to take our land and displace us.  The options for Ugandans are to be sold into modern slavery in the Middle East, Asia or some strange places like Turkey or even Thailand or Malaysia.

Go ahead and pretend that #UgandanLivesDoNotMatter.  For your information, we have 85% unemployment and 92% of our university graduates go 7 to 9 years with no job in sight and end up being slaves in the Middle East.


The governments of UK, US, EU and Canada fund Uganda.  Then of course some other despotic supporting regimes and given how impoverished we have become and the people going up to 3 days with only one meal, my people are forced to pretend that everything is okay.

Uganda has now apparently gotten a porno machine.  But did this government act on the missing Radiotherapy machine for the increasing cancer rates in the country?  Apparently SEX sells and some morons are celebrating porn being monitored.  A very STUPID idea.  We do not need a machine to monitor porn.  The committee which was appointed this week to monitor porn via a machine is full of school drop outs.  They obviously do not know that porn can be filtered at the high level on the Telcom provider.

Give a graduate from one of the universities in Uganda a chance to filter porn.  They will cost you maximum $1000 but here we are paying $2 million for a machine.  The last time Uganda bought machines was for elections of 2016 for Biometric voting and it was too funny.  The bloody machines did not even work so numbers had to be fudged.  How could you use a voting biometric system when you do not even have a birth and date database?


Just look at our parliament.  It is full of women MPs and even the speaker of the house is a woman.  Have you seen them protesting loudly about the women being raped and killed in Entebbe?  I hear a pin drop.  But worse, speaker of the house Rebecca Kadaga and that Secretary General for the ruling party (NRM) are from Busoga.  Apart from their places and their people being infested with jiggers, their neices and daughters are being sold as wives for sh. 20,000 ($4.5) a piece.

May Bugisu curse me if I join Uganda parliament.  May my people curse me if I join NRM and there is no medicine or water for my people.  May all of Bududa put a curse on me if I join government and show up with a convoy of 7 cars with body guards to protect me from the wrath of my people.  In fact, should I ever even show up with a single body guard, it will mean that I did nothing for my people and lost their love and they cannot protect me.  Then I shall join the multitudes who have risen up for their people.

My voice will never be for sale.  My people deserve more and if jiggers invade Bugisu, I shall fly home and take a pin and take them out from all my people, nurse them back to health and grow food to feed my people.  Some things are worth standing up for.  It is a damn shame that the Uganda MPs are mute while women are being killed in Entebbe and other areas.  May thunder strike you.  May lightening follow the GPS programming.  May the aliens invade your lands.  May the army worms eat all your crops.  May the drought make you suffer so badly that you must sell your body to get 3 pawpaws to feed your children?  May you…wait, where was this story even going?

You elites.  Today you are doing well and remaining silent but one of these days, the land of milk and honey will dry up.  International investors will exit.  You will regret your silence.  May all the arcades and malls multiply their rents by 1000% so that you remember our relatives used to sell things on the streets of Kampala and those in the markets watched the markets burn down.  May your children in those expensive schools bring home report cards which have multiplied the fees by 100% so that you know that Bridge Academy schools were affordable.

Nay – may you get involved in a car accident like Agaba of KCCA, get thrown onto a stone quary truck and be rushed to Mbarara where the doctors are missing or there is no equipment.  May malaria strike you and we get Entebbe airport shut down because of a terrorist being on Kenya airlines so that you gasp for breath and pray that you get a private jet to fly you to Hamburg Germany if lucky.

LIFT MY CURSES or become Human.

Martha Leah Nangalama

Who is your brother’s keeper?  One day, we shall remember how hard you worked for our people and your SUV will be sold to buy you a nice coffin while we party that for your selfishness, it is a good thing you dropped dead on Massacre Road!  OR, MAYBE, we shall remember that women are being killed daily and you do not give a fuck! We shall also remember the young lady who RAN into your convoy!

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