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UGANDA: Will Kayihura hand over intelligence agents/moles in opposition?

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CHANGE OF GUARD – There is no doubt Museveni’s recently sacked police chief Gen. Kalekyezi had been managing political intelligence agents from the opposition community, the religious organisations, civil society organisations, trade unions, traditional healers’ institutions, business community and other sister security agencies.  This is because he was more of a regime political intelligence chief than an Inspector General of Police.  Obviating he ran agents deep into the rank and file of those target sectors.  Some of such agents hold top positions within the opposition structures.

While some may be known to his former top colleagues in the police, most of the high-profile ones are only known to Gen. Kalekyezi and his boss Museveni.  For continuity, if Gen. Kalekyezi had left office in good faith he ought to hand over such agents to his successor.  However, given the circumstances under which he was sacked, he is likely not to hand over the agents.  Very soon we may see their cover blown (their identities publicly exposed) in revenge because Gen. Kalekyezi feels betrayed. It’s on account of running these agents that Gen. Kalekyezi was able to manage a huge budget.

There is a likelihood that Museveni may re-engage Gen. Kalekyezi in continuing to manage these agents hence his statement during the handover ceremony that he wishes to continue serving the police as a Crime Preventer.  Museveni has to re-assign him because he can’t go to  Rwanda since even his cousin Gen. Jack Nziiza who was recently sacked from RDF is weighing on how to return to Uganda.  On the other hand, if Museveni is completely done with Kalekyezi and given his sectarian methods of work, he may order Gen. Kalekyezi to hand over these agents to the new Security Minister, Gen. Tumwine instead of Police Chief Ochola.

On their part, the agents/moles in opposition must be in a panicky mode.  Some of them were surviving on handouts from Kalekyezi’s intelligence budget while others anticipated being apportioned to fat positions in government.  Since the demise of Gen. Aronda who was also another devil, Gen. Kalekyezi has been the main outsourcer of Museveni’s political appointees.  Overall, Museveni being a poor intelligence manager, may not care about the fate of such agents/moles who were managed by Gen. Kalekyezi.  Museveni feels he has used them and it’s time to discard and outsource for new ones using the likes of Generals Tumwine and Sabiiti.  By the way what happened to the intelligence agents that were being managed by Gen. Ssejusa after he fled to exile in 2013?

Gen. Kalekyezi had an extra task of running agents in other sister security agencies on behalf of Rwanda.  Obviously, these ones will not be handed over to the new police chief.  Museveni’s security agencies have an extra task of maintaining a 24/7 surveillance on Gen. Kalekyezi to monitor his possible continued links with Rwanda, some personnel within Museveni’s security agencies and generally dismantling his network.  On its part, Rwanda can’t take chances and must have already commenced efforts to put in place a fresh network that doesn’t involve Gen. Kalekyezi.

For Gen. Kalekyezi’s agents/moles in the opposition and other organisations, take heart, that is the rule of the game.


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