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UGANDA: Will a Munyarwanda wife desert over poverty but kill a wealthy husband??

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There is common talk that Banyarwanda Tutsi women only target wealth in their love relationships. The common joke in Western Uganda alleges that a Munyarwanda Tutsi lady and her family will first check the potential husband’s economic background thus; “afite frigo, afite umuduga (does he have a fridge, does he have a car)? While it was understandable during the hard times of exile (1959 -1994) for Rwandese Tutsi ladies to enter into relationships with wealthy men in order to fend for their refugee/migrant families, the trend seems to continue two decades since they were emancipated from exile life. It was also assumed that the close association of Banyarwanda Tutsi men and women with the dreaded Iddi Amin State Research Bureau was in the same regard. But look at the current Christine Mbabazi and Lilly Kaitesi sagas in the IGP Kawesi murder and the USA citizen, Paulo Mathias alleged terrorism respectively!!!

In 2014 Jackie Uwera Nsenga murdered her very wealthy husband, Juvenal Nsenga over the fat estate. She just knocked him dead as he was opening the family home gate. During the trial, the issue of the deceased’s estate took center stage. The couple were both Banyarwanda Tutsi.


Olive Zaituni Kigongo deserted her former husband, Capt. Francis Babu. She married Museveni regime’s life Vice Chairman, Hajji Moses Kigongo when he had just come from the bush in 1986. The couple is currently in court over property after separating. Olive Mukambere who converted to Islam and added Zaituni to her names, is in court seeking divorce and sharing of family wealth targeting the multi-billion Mosa Courts. “Yajja Nakaveera bwatyo alese loole” (a woman who comes with a paper bag but brings a lorry to carry away the family property? song by David Luttaya. Hajji Kigongo argued; “Olive left former husband Francis Babu with so little but now fighting tooth and nail to take a lion’s share of my property”. Hajji Kigongo is only alive and not in detention because he is not an ordinary citizen.

Even those married to fellow Tutsi Banyarwanda men are not spared. In March 2015 Jovia Mugyenyi poisoned to death her wealthy husband, Lawyer George Mugyenyi of Nakaseke district. At All Saints Church the widow told mourners that the deceased husband’s last words to her were; “I have been killed but I know who has done it”. The following month it emerged that with the help of her relatives she had poisoned the deceased. The widow had sold 50 heads of cattle and raised 75m shillings before she travelled to Rwanda with her brother a week before the death of her husband. The said brother, Ruzibiza was intercepted by security as he attempted to flee to Rwanda. The script had been prepared with a fake suicide note placed in the deceased’s pockets and portrayed to look as if the deceased was put on gunpoint to write such a note. The deceased had fathered a number of elder children outside wedlock and by the time he was killed, he had started apportioning to them part of the family wealth amidst protests by the matrimonial wife, Jovia Mugyenyi.

A one Lilly Kaitesi married to a USA citizen Paulo Mathias Rogers is attempting to deprive her husband of property located in Kampala. She went on social media to appeal for help alleging that the police was not doing enough to save her life which was under threat from the said husband. She went further to allege that her husband was after her life because she had refused to assist him to get Ugandan citizenship. To strengthen her appeal, she revealed that her husband was in possession of military stores. The police raided their residence from where an assortment of military-like fatigue, 153 knives and boxes of high calibre ammunitions were recovered.
Ordinarily, the police would have treated the suspect as a terrorist but instead he was accorded a VIP treatment during the arrest. The arresting officers had to unusually vacate the co-drivers seat of the police truck for the suspect (see picture). Whatever the case, Lilly Kaitesi is targeting to grab the property of the “terror suspect”. We are yet to see if the suspect will be produced before the military court for being found in possession of ” military stores which are the monopoly of the armed forces”.

The incident is an eye opener to many Ugandan husbands who are suffering silently. That is why it is very rare to find an elderly Munyarwanda Tutsi woman in a matrimonial home. It’s only in rare cases more especially where the grown-up children are economically well off. Interestingly these Banyarwanda Tutsi women don’t grow old. It is very common to find a 65+ years old with heavy make-up, dyed gray hair, donning trousers and high-heeled shoes, drinking and smoking in public. Since their dreadful character is well known in much of the Western and Central Uganda, these days they mostly excite foreigners and men from the Northern and Eastern regions. Be on the look out for names like Chantal, Umutoni, Kaitesi, Marie, Jeannette, Mutesi etc. Any right-thinking person would wonder why would a Hutu husband kill his Tutsi wife during the Rwanda Genocide!!!!Wealthy Ugandan men from the northern and eastern regions usually get excited by referring to their new catches as Nyankore. There is a price for that in the end.


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