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UGANDA: Why Sam Omala was sent by regime to stand surety for Kirumira

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Published by Change of Guards on February 25, 2018

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When ASP Kirumira Mutima challenged the regime by announcing resignation, he was brutally arrested and incarcerated at the infamous Nalufenya torture facility.  The move was meant to send a warning to other officers who would dare follow into Kirumira Mutima’s footsteps.  This website analysed the driving force behind the swift and brutal action by the regime thus;  “COMDR KIRUMIRA MUTIMA – IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF REBELLIOUS ARMY OFFICERS – 8/2/2018.  Our 3 websites / blogs shared this as per below.

Cmdr. Kirumira Mutima – in the foot steps of rebellious army generals

The Police Disciplinary Court imposed stringent bail conditions among them getting an officer senior in rank to ASP Kirumira as a surety.  The regime knew that no police Officer would dare come out to stand surety for Kirumira or else risked being branded as being in league with Kirumira Mutima.

This is the same practice that is used in the military where an accused is required to secure an officer of a higher rank to stand surety for him.  In most cases where the regime has vested interest, no army officer can dare come out to stand surety for an accused ” subversive” or else risk dire consequence.

This website analysed the motivations of the military courts thus;  “NRA GENERAL COURT MARTIAL – A MUSEVENI TOOL FOR DETENTION WITHOUT TRIAL –  105/2015.

It is not by law but by a discriminatory practice whereby civilians are not allowed to stand surety for soldiers in a military court.  When it came to the home boy Gen. Kaziini the goal posts were shifted to allow civilian Kwame Ruyondo to stand surety for him before the General Court Martial.

No General could dare to come out and stand surety for Gen. Kazini because behind the curtains he was accused of treasonous activities.  When it came to Col. Shaban Bantariza who had stepped on the toes of the then army chief Gen. Aronda, every senior officer shunned him.

Had it not been for the defiance of Gen. (Rtd) Otafiire, Bantariza would have rotten in jail.  In this particular case the regime had to bend rules for fear of the political implication of Bairu army officers.

This website analysed the vice under; SELECTIVE PROSECUTION BY MUSEVENI’S COURT MARTIAL – 7/5/2017.

What made matters worse was Kirumira Mutima’s unbroken spirit and overwhelming public backing.  He questioned the legality of the so called Police Disciplinary Court and went ahead to demonstrate contempt for the same court.  As we had estimated in the above piece, all was set for Team Kirumira Mutima to take the matter further by petitioning the Constitutional Court.

His father Abubakar Kawooya through his Lawyers threatened to petition the Supreme Court “if the Police Disciplinary Court continues to treat his son unfairly”.  This particular threat must have sent more shivers in the spine of the regime.  It couldn’t withstand being exposed and publicly overwhelmed.  It had to get a way of cooling down Team Kirumira Mutima hence loosening of the grip.

As we had earlier predicted that ” unless Museveni sweet talks him, the matter would end up in the Constitutional Court”, it is yet to be confirmed that Museveni has already met Kirumira.

The regime had to give clearance and detail an equally “disgruntled” ACP of Police Sam Omala to stand surety for Kirumira Mutima (Mutima in Uganda means THE HEART).

In 2016, Sam Omala was suspended after Minister Sarah Opendi accused him of interference in the electoral process where she lost the parliamentary bid (Sarah Opendi has been in media lately for a stolen child, it is another story).

Sam Omala, sued the Minister for 300M shillings but in exchange he was dumped in the police’s Department of Production.  He is on some kind of Katebe (undeployed/redundant).

This website has previously discussed the Katebe phenomenon in police thus;  ARMY’S KATEBE SYNDROME CREEPS INTO THE POLICE – 26/3/2016.

Therefore, by authorising ACP Omala to stand surety for him, the regime killed two birds with one stone.  Kirumira Mutima will not challenge the illegal police court but also his career in the police is doomed.  The trial will never be concluded and he will never serve under Gen. Kalekyezi as the Police Chief.


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