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UGANDA: Why Museveni needs no lecture in politics

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Recently dictator Museveni told religious leaders why nobody could lecture him on politics, because he is a TOTAL failure, and here is why?

Unemployment 86%

Healthcare nonexistent

Education headed by a primary seven failure

Corruption has become a fashion under Museveni.

Police infiltrated by criminals by his admission

Only president in Africa to agree with Trump as his country he has ruled for 33 years being a shitole country.

Sent SFC in Parliament to beat up MPs opposed to his life presidency

Refused to respond to Kadaga’s letter inquiring why SFC soldiers were sent to parliament.

After Museveni’s refusal to respond to her inquiries, Kadaga danced the night away

Wrong suspects were arrested for killing Kaweesi and each suspect awarded 80M/= that will never be honored. (20 suspect’s all planned to murder Kaweesi and all kept quiet about their plan ‍♀‍♀

Uganda has become a dumping nation for refugees

Museveni spent $11M refugee money to become president for life

UPDF took care of his irrigation farm and later claimed how others laughed at him when he used a once water bottle irrigation scheme to harvest fat pineapples and his banana plantains produced such a big Tooke just in 16 months.

Destroyed once a booming Uganda airlines started by one of the Swines according to Museveni.

He imprisons his opponents and later claims victory. Ugandans must love him.

He doesn’t know that he is a servant of Uganda Taxpayers.

Uganda is ranked number one in motor accidents in Africa.

Uganda shillings has become useless under Museveni

Yah he really robbed a bank

He stopped a private investigations into Hon. Nabenda’s death

Kampala turns into a swamp over two hour rain.

Yes he has invited religious leaders to meet him at state house not for bible studies but to lecture him on politics.

A man that doesn’t need to be lectured on politics has over 120 political advisers??? ‍♀‍♀

He really eradicated poverty in Uganda by the end of 2017.

He spent $580M to build a 31 mile road EBB-KLA paved with gold.

Indeed he is the only visionary leader.

Museveni doesn’t need anyone to lecture him about his suits just like he doesn’t need lectures on politics ‍♀‍♀


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