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UGANDA: Why Kayihura will not be taken to the ICC

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Many of us are hoping that now since Gen. Kalekyezi has been sacked by President Yoweri Museveni, the former will be arrested and charged for crimes committed. This could happen and if it does, some of us will be surprised. For a fact, Gen. Kalekyezi was only following ORDERS FROM ABOVE.

Perhaps along the way, Kayihura erred off the narrow path and angered Museveni but we should not hold our breath on this.  AND if he did anger Museveni, then we know that Museveni never forgives and never forgets. Consequently, it can be assumed that if at any point in time, Kayihura did contrary to ORDERS FROM ABOVE, he shall be paid pound for pound. More like a pound of flesh.  Yikes!

DO NOT HOLD YOUR BREATH.  What if he does not get arrested and charged by Museveni?  Then remember, and even today Kayihura said it himself. He is a General in the Army and a cadre.  So UPDF gets back their general and the rest of you all can go about minding your own business as we all should do.


We recently learned that there is an ICC rep in Uganda.  This was referenced in the story we wrote titled UGANDA: DID GEN. KALEKYEZI OFFEND ONLY RWANDESE DISSIDENTS??? Which can be found at this link

I make reference to this paragraph in the above story that every Ugandan should have paid attention to:

<< On April 28th 2011 when Dr. Besigye was attacked by the police to near blindness, the ICC was being hosted in Uganda by CSOs for workshop.  The ICC has a Field Outreach Coordinator, Mabinty Kamara based in Uganda.  The ICC can initiate investigations and prosecutions even if the respective government does not refer or back the case. It has the mandate to intervene in cases where national courts prove to be unable or unwilling to effectively try these crimes or if the state appears to be shielding perpetrators – including shoddy investigations and sham trials.  Ugandan petitioners only need to show that the brutal attack on their members by security agents are either a policy or are tolerated and condoned by the government.>>

Apart from the fact that the recent ICC Charges sent by Rwandese to Besouda, oba which courier service did they use?  Please ensure that you sent it as REQUIRES SIGNATURE UPON RECEIPT and that you sent both an electronic copy, a signed hard copy, an electronic signed scanned copy and you kept a receipt from the courier company which you used to send that envelop to The Hague and that you noted the tracking number and that you are in possession of the scan of the signature of the person who signed for the package when it arrived at The Hague.


There is no doubt that many of us have documented the brutality of Kayihura and Museveni.  So documentation is not an issue at all and in this age of Computers and Bichupuli, all the documentation, videos, audios, statements to media, utterances, etc.. these things are all on the Internet now.  BUT why has the Uganda regime never been afraid of such information existing that can be used against the regime sycophants who terrorise and kill Ugandans, refugees and foreigners (investors and tourists)?  Because the regime is confident that the ICC will never prosecute Kayihura or Museveni.

Could the lawyers in he house please provide an analysis of how the ICC charges against Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy Rutto were dropped?  It does not hurt that one of my relatives was the propaganda machine on that case but we know that the charges were dropped just like that!!  AND this was even after Museveni had advised Uhuru not to fly to The Hague and answer to the charges. This also is after Museveni had spear headed AFRICANS MUST GET OUT OF THE ICC.  AFRICAN SOLUTIONS TO AFRICAN PROBLEMS.  By the way. how is that working out these days?  That you can kill with impunity and rob your country blind and get away with it is what some of you call Pan Africanism and African Solutions for African Problems?  MAY THUNDER STRIKE YOU!  AMEN.

ICC needs witnesses in order to prosecute.  Witnesses in the Kenyan massacre vanished. Either they vanished or they changed their minds and did no wanna talk.

ICC needs information from the government in power.  So like “oh yeah, I am the president over here and my generals have committed crimes that you are investigating so that you can lock them up.  WAIT A MINUTE, here ya go.  There is all the information you need.  My pleasure.”


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