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UGANDA: Where is Mengo on Nambooze?

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Very Sad but it is true! – Sent by SPAN

I’ve listened to the audios and watched the videos. Evelyn things are very bad for us Baganda. We have slept for too long. The infiltration of banyarwanda into Buganda is much deeper than most of you in the diaspora can imagine. Boycourt is ineffective my dear in most places. Banyarwanda and enemies of Buganda out number us tremendously. We have sold most of our land and we are generally poor. Our enemies are much better off than we are and we can’t find jobs for our children. We sell them to the middle east every day! Many become sex slaves there! Insecurity is highest against Buganda. We have been cowed by the violence against us and we dare not openly revolt. Look at our fellow Buganda Nambooze. She will die even though totally innocent and we are all unable to do something about it. Mengo and our King are totally quiet. WE HAVE NO LEADERSHIP in this struggle. We talk a whole lot but have little action. AM TOTALLY FED UP OF THIS IMPOTENCE!

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