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UGANDA: When to send a PDF document

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LEARNING MOMENT When to send a PDF file instead of an editable document.

1) When applying for a job. Because the recruiter is not gonna edit your CV. More like trash it after 3 seconds on it. Especially if it starts like:

GENDER: femalie or malie. Who cares if you are male or female? Are we casting for a sex worker?

Date of Birth: February 13th, 1997. Friday the 13th is a bad bad luck day. It is the day of killing. BUT seriously. Who gives a damn about your age unless the intention of the job recruiter is to commit a crime called DISCRIMINATION BASED ON AGE.

nebilala nebilala. CVs are covered on the blog if you missed the NSSF career expo today.

2) Use PDF when you absolutely do not want the recipient to make any changes to the document. Some people use this to avoid the recipient plagiarising their work. By the way, plagiarism is not only copy and paste. It is copy and maje a few changes. Can be done with a PDF document half asleep.

If you send me an email like “Martha please review or edit for me the attached document”, I see that it is PDF, I just reply with THANKS then throw your thing into the trash.

PDF for a Press Release or news article is a very dumb idea. I eventually blocked some mututa living in Belgium because he kept sending his news releases in PDF and when copied I still had to edit them in Word before publishing them on the website.

Do not send documents as PDF if you are soliciting for someone’s help to review or edit or both. It is much easier for me to edit as I read and then email you the edited version than it is for me to contact you back and tell you what to edit.

In any case, you sent it to me because my English is impeccable and yours is SHITHOLE type.

However, cool it right there. I always send back with notes on what I noticed to be your issues in writing.

For example, it is quite okay to abbreviate words but I will not remain quiet when I see none conventional and none International abbreviations used.

It’s another thing for you to say the ED of KCCA is Musisi when the initials ED, its meaning differs. It’s Erectile Dysfunction but its causes vary.

There you go. Their problem is that they do not pay attention. Because there are people whose issues in their lives are not grammar.

Let me stop here before I hear some quiet people who are not quite timid come here telling me to hear their opinions from over there where it’s raining and we hear the police had its baracks flood.

I am Martha Leah Nangalama

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