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UGANDA: UK Parliamentarian raises matter of Museveni’s exit from power after failed leadership of 35yrs

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DR. VINCENT MAGOMBE – Yes, the world is talking about Yoweri Museveni, the Man who wants to rule Uganda for life.

This was in the UK parliament yesterday, as the Ugandan Dictator was arriving in London for the Commonwealth Summit. And the parliamentarian is Dr Paul Williams, who is not new to Uganda. He used to operate as a medical doctor in rural Uganda, where he helped develop medical infrastructure for fighting against malaria and HIV. He is a good friend of Uganda and fully understands the political quagmire in which Ugandans are living, because of the corrupt and ruthless Museveni dictatorship.

Thank you Paul. Ugandans are grateful for the timely intervention of the British Parliament on this issue.

Thank God, this was inside the British Parliament. Had it been in the Ugandan parliament, that member who raised the issue of Museveni’s immediate exit would have been grabbed by Museveni’s special forces and beaten until his spinal chord was broken.

And then, from Museveni’s state house you have the demagogic and unpatriotic spokespersons of Dictator Museveni have woken up from their sleep and wasted their breath shouting at the very respected British Doctor, calling him a ‘colonialist’.

What they forget is that Museveni is now no better than the colonial rulers of the 1950’s before we got independence.

The Struggle Continues. —— AUTO – GENERATED; Published (Halifax Canada Time AST) on: April 19, 2018 at 10:11AM

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