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UGANDA: Tumwine draws meticulous security plan – But did he check with Kadaga?

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KAMPALA (@UG_EDGE) – Security minister Gen Elly Tumwine has pledged to continue with professionalisation and modernisation of the Defence and Security Forces.

He was addressing press Monday at Uganda Media Centre in Kampala as part of the NRM Government 2016-2021 Manifesto Week, whose theme is “Strengthening Security, Good Governance and Democracy”.

He said this will done through; acquisition and maintenance of equipment, human capital development, establishment of a national Defence College, establishment of the Institute of Security Studies, increasing Police recruitment to keep law and order and establishing a Police Academy.

Achievements for the period under review include; building capacity of the Uganda People’s Defence Forces and Intelligence Services to protect and defend the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Uganda, the citizens and their property through recruitment, training and provision of equipment.
Others are; strengthening of command/control and organisational structures of the UPDF and Intelligence Services, building the Uganda Police Force capacity to fight crime and to keep law and order through recruitment, training and provision of equipment and establishment of a Senior Command and Staff College at Bwebajja.

Forecast of priorities (2018/19): Magamaga Armoured Vehicle Engineering Centre for testing, servicing, repairing and upgrading of UPDF armoured vehicles, Defence Capacity Building Project which will involve acquisition and maintenance of modern and technical equipment and targeted recruitment of professionals as well as training and re-skilling and establishment of National Defence College at Lugazi as the highest military institution in Uganda for training of senior military and civilian officers.
Others are; upgrading Kabalye Police Training School into a cantonment of school (Basic, promotional, refresher and professional), establishment of a Police Academy, improving Crime Control, Detection, Prevention and Investigation by; increasing community participation in Policing, community service and offender rehabilitation and increasing CCTV cameras to fight crime.

Security carried out Community Policing and equipping the communities with policing skills in some parts of the country, especially Kampala Metropolitan area and Greater Masaka.

It strengthened the capacity of CID and CI through intelligence gathering, analysis and investigations, established forensic and medico-legal services for scientific evidence based investigations and enhanced collaboration between Interpol Uganda and other international Bureaus to efficiently and effectively manage trans-national and trans-border crimes.

Others are; expansion of canine policing services to all UPF stations, creation of special police units for management of sector specific crime activities (Agriculture. Fisheries, Mineral Police and Environment), strengthening of police air services, offering of skills and even formal education by the Uganda Prisons Services in their facilities (prisons) and CCTV Camera coverage, especially in some parts of Kampala City.

Forecast of Priorities
Security will be rolling out community policing to all parts of the country, general and specialised training of detectives in crime investigations and crime intelligence, equipping CID and CI with tools and logistics necessary for effective performance (SOCO van, Homicide kits, Cameras, among others), strengthening framework for collaboration and coordination with the criminal justice system.

Others include; expansion of CCTV infrastructure network to cover all areas in KMP (Entebbe, Kampala CBD, Kampala crime-prone areas, traffic junctions, major municipalities, key border entry points and highways, establishment of emergency call centres in the country and developing Defence and Security Infrastructure by; continuing with construction and rehabilitation of barracks and construction and rehabilitation of health, education and sports infrastructure in barracks.

Here is the detailed plan:
     Improving the welfare of the security forces through:
     Construction of accommodation units some Barracks (Katabi, Moroto, Nakasongola, Masaka Armoured Brigade)
     Construction/rehabilitation of Bombo Military Hospital
     Construction of some Police stations, especially in PRDP areas.
     Ongoing construction of Naguru Police Barracks
     Construction of Uganda-Iran Hospital for UPF at Naguru
Forecast of priorities
     Barracks construction and renovation to improve accommodation and living conditions for officers and men together with their families.
     Construction of Ministry of Defence and Veterans Affairs/UPDF Headquarters in Mbuya to solve office accommodation challenges.
     Development of UPDAF Physical Infrastructure in Entebbe, Nakasongola, Gulu, Masindi and Soroti.
     Construction of Military Referral Hospital at Mbuya to offer specialised services and handle referral cases.
     Construction of a General Police Hospital and , health centres to offer health services to |Police personnel, their families and the community
     Construction of new and renovation of old barracks facilities countrywide for provision of decent housing and accommodation to police personnel
     Construction of UPF headquarters, new regional headquarters, new police stations and renovation of old ones.
     Enhancing UPF building and construction capabilities.

  1. d) Strengthening Research and Development by;
  2. Fully operationalising the Defence Research, Science and Technology Centre (DRSTC) and;
  3. The Avionics Research Centre at Lugazi and Nakasongola respectively.


  • Establishment of the Defence Research, Science and Technology Centre (DRSTC) at Lugazi to spearhead scientific Research and Development, leading to better scientific products and absorption of foreign technology.
  • Construction of Aviation Training Academy at Nakasongola.

Forecast of priority
Revitalisation of Defence Research, Science and Technology Centre (DRSTC) at Lugazi Project.

  1. e) Promoting Production for;
  2. Wealth creation and self-sustainability and,
  3. Participating in the construction of the Standard Gauge Railway.


  • The UPDF has continued to engage in productive activities for national development, specifically through Operation Wealth Creation (OWC).
  • UPDF has created the Roads and Railway engineers’ regiment to participate in the construction of Standard Gauge Railway. Some UPDF engineers, technicians and soldiers have been trained locally and abroad to implement the SGR.
  • Wazalendo SACCO promoting the saving culture among men and officers and improving their welfare through loans.
  • Involvement of Uganda Prisons Service in the production of food and cotton in various Prison farms.
  • Uganda Police Force also embarked on programmes aimed to production for wealth creation. These include:

     Training staff with agricultural skills and best practices
     Procure agricultural tools and equipment, especially for spouses of police personnel
     Promotion of a saving culture (Exodus and PSAL SACCOs)
     Engagement in economic empowerment of personnel (tree planting, production).

  1. f) Engage in Primary, Secondary and Industrial Production;
  2. Initially for internal consumption and,
  3. Later as a commercial venture.


  • Enterprises Corporation (NEC) Ltd has continued to deliver quality products and services to government departments and the general public by undertaking a wide range of economic activities in a sustainable manner.
  • UPF factory at Lugogo that produces uniforms
  • Involvement of Uganda Prisons Services in production of quality furniture, craft, among others

Forecast of priorities (2018/19)

  • Expanding Luwero Industries to satisfy the need for ordinance and strategic military capacity of UPDF, enhance scientific and technical capability and for improved Research and Development.
  • Food and Beverages Production Project to support self-sufficiency in dry ration, among others.
  1. g) Strengthening Internal and External Security;


  • Generation and provision of intelligence for pre-emptive actions against politically motivated crimes, terrorism, insurgencies, other forms of organised crime and espionage.
  • Generation of intelligence data required to formulate policy and preventing and/or controlling attendant vices.
  • Carrying out security sensitization of the grass root population.

Forecast priorities (2081/19)

  • Capacity building for ISO. This involves acquisition of Communication equipment; Transport equipment; Training and re-skilling; Maintenance of Foundation Security; Security mobilisation, among others.
  • Construct dormitories for the Institute of Security and Intelligence Studies – ISIS for improved skill and knowledge on security and Intelligence concerns.
  • Establishment of Security Information Monitoring Centre in accordance with Section 3 of the Regulation of Interception of Communications Act, 2010.
  • Construction of ISO Headquarters and Field Stations
  • Construction of ESO HQRS and Field offices
  • Upgrading Health Facilities to provide efficient and high quality medical care to ISO and ESO staff, their families and the community.
  • Capacity Building to improve efficiency for ESO. This will involve acquisition and maintenance of modern and technical equipment, human resource development, targeted recruitment of professionals, training and re-skilling and acquisition of ICT and Specialized Technical Equipment
  • Diplomatic and Security stations to cater for external liaison and intelligence exchange with the host country besides marketing the country’s image to attract investors among others.
  • Contribution towards pacification of the region through intelligence-sharing with other friendly foreign services. As a result, Uganda is to host the Liaison and Fusion Centre for the Eastern African region and Horn of Africa.
  • Improved health services by ISO and ESO Health facilities to staff and their families.
  • Improved welfare of staff through USALAMA SACCO.
  • Participating in the UN keeping Missions, especially Somalia
  1. h) Playing a Key Role in Establishing the Institutional Framework for the National Service Scheme;

Forecast of priorities (2018/19)
Establishment of a National Service  to equip the Ugandan youth with the requisite, knowledge, skills and values that will enable them to contribute to the country’s socio-economic development as well as National Defence and Security.

  1. i) Resettling Arrears for Veterans;

Establishment of the Department of Veterans Affairs in the Ministry of Defence to oversee the resettlement and re-integration of military veterans into civilian life.
Forecast priorities (2018/19)

  • Payment of arrears for veterans (This is one of the flagship projects relevant to meeting the Manifesto commitments and mentioned in the 23 Presidential Strategic Directives of 23 Jun 16).

Overall the challenges are;

  • Inadequate budget support due to limited national resources and;
  • Dynamic and ever evolving threats to National Security.

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