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UGANDA: The bright side of the age limit petition verdict

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Man in grey trouser is MUSEVENI, Man in white shirt is COURT 3, Ldy in the middle is an NRM MPig


CHANGE OF GUARDS – In 1995, Uganda got a new constitution that provided for two five year term limit for the presidency. It also provided for the presidential age limit of 75 years. As Museveni was approaching the end of his two term limits in 2005, he manipulated Parliament to remove the term limit. Consequently, since then he has been presenting his candidature after every five years. In his estimates, he had thought that it would be that easy for him to become the first head of the political federation of East African Community. He had also been buying time to create an opportune moment for his son to inherit the presidency of Uganda.

Unfortunately, the situation on the ground both at home and at regional level has not been favoring his scheme. As he claims to be 73 years old, the constitutional age limit of 75 years was catching up with him. That is when he schemed to use Parliament to ammend the constitution by removing that age limit. It wasn’t easy as he had to use the armed forces who invaded and besieged parliament before beating up opposition M.Ps on the floor of Parliament.

Unlike in 2005 when he bribed each M.P with five million shillings to remove the term limits, this time round he duped M.Ps that they would in return have their term extended from five to seven years starting with the current term. This was after the M.Ps expressed a well founded fear that the aggrieved electorates would not return them at the next elections. In December 2017 the amendment for Museveni’s age limit was passed after it went through all the sham processes. Without following the laid down law and procedure, the M.Ps also amended their term limit from five to seven.

That way, they thought they would dodge facing the wrath of the aggrieved voters. Aggrieved Ugandans went to the Constitutional Court to challenge the said amendments. The M.Ps have been expressing fear of threats from aggrieved Ugandans. Already one M.P has been assassinated by unknown gunmen. The police guards are deserting the M.Ps for fear of being caught up in the crossfire. Museveni has promised to provide military guards to these M.Ps. He has even ordered the Ministry of Finance to immediately procure for them pick-up trucks for carrying the military escorts.

The Constitutional Court has nullified the amendment of the M.P’s tenure from five to seven years, describing it as an act of greed that had not followed the law. The same court has upheld the age limit amendment in favor of Museveni on grounds that it had been done in accordance with the law. Now, it’s as if after being helped by M.Ps to construct a bridge across the river, Museveni destroyed it leaving them stranded on the other side. It’s as if after they lifted him into the rescue helicopter in the middle of a jungle, he then told the pilot to take off leaving the M.Ps yelling in anguish. The scenarios are many but the bright side is that experience teaches a fool.

These M.Pigs ought to have asked themselves what happened to all of Museveni’s colleagues in FRONASA; where are his Bush War comrades; what happened when he agreed with Kayiira’s UFM to carry out a joint attack on government positions; what happened to the Nairobi Peace Talks of 1985; where are the so called Luwero peasants who supported his Bush War; why do they think that they can be more closer to Museveni than Muntu, Besigye, Mbabazi, and others????

All along Museveni knew that he had duped the 317 M.Pigs and that is why he has been soothing them with promises of military bodyguards. He very well knew that court would nullify their amendment. Even before the Constitutional Court delivered its verdict, on top of the usual behind the scenes arm twistings, Museveni had got all the copies of their judgements. That is what ISO and other Secret Service agencies are meant to accomplish as opposed to ensuring the security of Uganda which ceased to exist. That is why there was nothing like the usual terror alert scare, heavy deployment of security forces, and Museveni even had to travel to South Africa at the time the verdict was being delivered. 

On the other hand, for those gullible Ugandans who still think that you can politically challenge Museveni through legal means, learn from this development. Like it had been the case for the 2016 Mbabazi election petition, this petition also serves to legitimize Museveni’s removal of age limit.


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