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UGANDA: Stop calling people in diaspora Nkuba Kyeyo

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The phrase is derogatory and you know it. You use it to put us down as though you do not have 85% unemployment, a ballooning debt with Chinese and Indians beating up your kids who work for them. Or as if you are unaware that Rwandese Guhunahunas call you sub human, steal all your money and land as they import refugees.

Most none SHITHOLE countries do not have street sweepers. At least I have never seen them in Canada, USA, France or Germany.

There are utility trucks which sweep streets and remove snow.

The people you like to denigrate are well educated and hold great jobs.

You keep clamouring for “Diaspora, help us get rid of Bosco”. Yet you are all over social media calling us street sweepers.

We are the ones who do demonstrations in major cities around the world to demand for funding cut off to the dictator.

We are the ones who pester politicians in our countries where we reside to demand for accountability for the gross human rights abuses by the bushman and his elk.

We remit $2bln per year to you for school fees, medical care and food. We are one of the biggest sources of income for Uganda.

However, you in your tooyii aka Pit Latrine sijui Shithole have no shame in labeling us as street sweepers.

Make a decision. Do you want the same as you have had for the last 32+ years or you want change? And not that fundamental change of 1986. CHANGE FOR YOUR FUTURE, the future of your children and grand children.

You call us street sweepers yet we are the ones who bring you information for scholarships. In the countries we live in, our families have a roof over their head, 3 meals and 3 snacks a day. Great medical care, education and roads.

We are not teargassed or randomly arrested. Every death is investigated. Yet you, you who watch your children get shot dead in broad daylight cannot demand for an investigation lest you also get killed.

Uganda, please learn respect. When this war is over, we shall return home to a broke disfunctional country full of millions of degree holders who are completely illiterate. We will bring our skills and work with you to rebuild the nation.

Martha Leah Nangalama
Information Technology Professional

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