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UGANDA: #SocialMediaBlock what is Patent Infringement?

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In the first place, you do not own a patent to an invention or idea unless you have registered it and defended it.

Whether it is a machine, drug or software, when you come up with an idea or invention, you must register it with the authorities in your country.

A Patent Infringement means you have taken ideas from what someone or some people have registered. Then you have incorporated that into your product OR used their formula OR plain stolen it and named it as your own.

The tech industry is full of patent lawsuits and by some big companies against big companies. For example Apple against Samsung.

Some inventors specialise in registering patents.  Most times when you use part or all of a person’s patent, when sued, you just pay.

Most times, if you use part of someone’s patent, you just pay royalty to them annually or your whole product can go up in flames.

The biggest Telco in Canada went burst. At filing of Chapter 11, Nortel was sold off patent by patent piece.

In Canada, when you apply to register a patent with Industry Canada, you must describe and even with drawings of what you have invented.  I have 2 patents pending.

After you have paid the fee and it is registered as pending, it will then get opened up to the public.

The public examination is meant to allow people to contest your invention and prove they registered something similar before.

Patent agents and lawyers charge very highly because it requires a lot of research. In Canada’s case, the patent lawyer has to research in all the countries which are signatories with Canada on Patents.

Now you understand why Trump hits China on patent violations.

Uganda has very weak laws on patents.

Patents are not necessarily Copyrights. Could be the same but not necessarily. I will explain copyright another day.

Now you understand why I said that Uganda govt is not infringing on a Facebook Patent.  They are only reselling what they might not be a lincensed person to resell.

Martha Leah Nangalama
Please Google my pending patents and steal them because I will never defend them. Anything pending is up for grabs.

Both patents are on RfID/GPS for traceability.  Not worth a fight in court. —— AUTO – GENERATED; Published (Halifax Canada Time AST) on: July 03, 2018 at 11:04PM

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