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UGANDA: #SocialMediaBlock; What is Copyright?

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Put simply, it means a few things:
1) Using a registered name or company as your own even with a bit of modification.

2) Using a well known name. For example Shell & Bolton in Uganda.  Shell does not even have to be registered in your jurisdiction to make use of its Goodwill.

3) Plagiarism.  Students do this and Ugandans are good at it. You need to always cite the sources for all your work. Citing references in academia only means you have to reference where you got the phrase, idea or paragraph from.

Ugandan students do a lot of copy and paste. Other countries, the profs gave programs which run your paper through an App and show you are plagiarising.

Media and young hurry come ups can lift an article from you and post it as their own.  But in media, there is a sharing culture.  But you usually see everyone indicating the source.

Associated Press, Reuters, VOA, Sputnik, BBC, Al Jazeera, RT, AFP.  They publish their own stories. But you notice that if it is someone else who originated the story, they indicate the source.

You then wonder how they make money. Truth is no one has reporters in every part of the world.  By us indicating the source, they get traffic.

It is only Ugandan media that say “do not share our stories”. Global media houses even give you RSS feeds to share their stories as long as you mention them.

So back to Copyright.  Everytime you mention the source, and since you have not paid them, you help to advertise for them.

Same thing applies in Academia. If I quote your work and refrence it, people will get curious about you.

Please do not PLAGIARISE. I am one of the most plagiarised Ugandans. It hurts.

Copyright infringement in Canada is a crime. Imagine you go register a company like Shediac Seafood. The government tells you “we found a similar name so we cannot register you”.

But worse. When registering a company, you must pay a fee for a search. Whose report you must submit to show that no one else uses that name.  Registering Nangalama was easy.

I helped one client to Register Shediac Daycare. It was a no go. There were others using Shediac in their name.

We had to come up with a name related to a daycare with no Shediac in it.

Registering Shediac Seafood was harder. We had Shediac Lobster, Big Fish Shediac, Ocean Pier Shediac. Then Fresh Atlantic Seafood was even in US. Industry Canada will not ever allow you to use a name similar in anyway to someone else.

So you can see why I keep telling Ugandans not to share my work as their own. Just Because Uganda has weak laws on copyright does not mean you are excused.  You can get sued easily. Your company or thesis will end up on Google. Why take the chance?

Martha Leah Nangalama
I curate news and always indicate the source. —— AUTO – GENERATED; Published (Halifax Canada Time AST) on: July 03, 2018 at 11:49PM

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