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UGANDA: Social media tax boycott begins

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By CHARLES RWOMUSHANA – please check his Facebook page for pictures of the victims mentioned.

The #Eshato  Forces Command  zooms on the lady in the photo Amina Kassim kidnapped and still missing. ..

Hussein Mutebi said to be in the photo was kidnapped, grousomely executed and body is said to have been dumped in Bukulula Greater Masaka. ..

I have opined before and I still do.

This insecurity which is about to get outof hand is political.

These killings are a product of the internal contradictions with in the NRA Occupation #alnakba.

In the interim Museveni must engage and talk to among others Kale Kayihura.

My strong view on these crude taxes like the social media tax is to boycott by deliberately cutting the expenditure so that we hurt both the revenue of the telecommunications companies and fuel and oil destitution systems.

In any case,  the available intelligence indicates the security situation is going to worsen and certainly the economy will collapse.

It’s critical that we must cut consumption and limit expenditure to critical areas.

At some stage we will have to do eshabwe and kalo with  some elements that enforce payments on essential lifeline services like water etc,

This can be further discussed.

I don’t subscribe to VPN  because this does not hurt telecommunication companies revenue.

Let the conversation continue until we arrive at a consensus. ..

We can do social media at least twice a week. .For purposes of checking and updating each.

We have to minimise calls and mobile money operations…The same is true with fuel consumption so that we save for food …

In any case this situation is inevitable. ..

I propose Monday and Friday. ..

We need to do more debate and arrive at a consensus on  limiting  travelling on Highways to Monday and Friday.

If we were to be resolute I’m sure Museveni will engage before the country is engulfed into a deadly civil war. ..

Share widely for an exhaustive discussion and feedback. ..

But whether you indulge or not. .

Know. ..


Under the NRA Occupation #alnakba. .

All of us will board the

#Mpawo  atalikaba. ..bus service. .. —— AUTO – GENERATED; Published (Halifax Canada Time AST) on: June 30, 2018 at 05:54PM

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