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UGANDA: Small kids were observed walking to school at 4:30AM

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Below is what a young mother wrote about Uganda. I had an early morning meeting and had to wake up my kid to come along just so we could do meeting and school drop off.  She was so terribly sleepy and so tired and we only had to wake her up at 7:00AM.

So we are driving to Moncton.  My child is yawning and sleeping.  I am half asleep checking my phone for the wonder of UGANDA.
Imagine the shock.  I get to read the following.  I could cry a river. The following is verbatim. 

It’s 4:30am, my sisters and I are waiting for the Bus to Mbarara and guess what crossed our eyes somewhere on Masaka Road at Total Gas Station?

4 kids going to school with no parent or guardian as an escort! Their sleepy-scared eyes could tell how long a distance they had already walked. I guess amongst them were girls walking through pockets of drunkards, people carelessly kissing and romancing each other by the road side, reckless exhausted Boda Boda riders and whatever other evil that keeps awake past 3’okiloko! because this place has about 6 clubs and a long cue of bars that never winks their doors at any moment in the same neighbor hood!

But what happened to parents of the 2000’s?

So this kid gets abducted, raped or ritually sacrificed and then we see you on Agataliiko Nfuufu screaming of how heartless UGANDA has become. Forgetting that you(Parent) were the 1st to activate the heartless mode when you opened that door for your very own kids at 4am and let them out literally saying “go face the wolves” after which you’d later be unable to stomach the repercussions of your own not well thought decision!

Ohhh Wakeinda May God Uphold thee..

We lay our children in thy hands….

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