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UGANDA: Sleeping snoring Baganda

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‘Buganda ku zero’

By James Kalema

As we gather at to celebrate the 63rd birthday of Kabaka Ronald Mutembi II this week, Friday 13th, April 2018. It’s a beginning for celebrations to mark 25 years as Kabaka Mutebi rules BUGANDA.

It’s not only a celebration with his subjects sleeping on empty stomach but also going to markets with almost empty pockets as they bargain to buy more ‘myera’ at a reduced price.

In the next story will give you a detailed analysis of how much Buganda is losing buying food and other staff being ferry in Buganda markets from western Uganda.

Today let me concentrate on only beef consumed in Kampala. On average a bull or cow slaughtered in Kampala  can be bought at 950,000/= from Ankole and statistics shows that 350 cows are slaughtered on a daily basis bringing us to a total of 332,500,000/= going to western uganda on a daily basis.

You may stand to oppose me and give examples of cows coming from Bugabo in Kiboga, Ngoma at Nakaseke and Mawogola in Sembabule. Still ask yourself which tribes come from the cattle corridor!

As our brothers and sisters from the west occupy strategic positions, taking control of the army, URA, CAA,  Muhakanizi is the Secretary to Tressury, Kagina@ UNRA, Byarugaba@ NSSF! Barungi @ Umeme etc every strategic finacial position its a Muhima heading it.BUGANDA is celebrating birthdays and singing Jjubirewo.

Buganda was the food basket for Uganda, today matooke comes from Mbarara, Irish potatoes from Kabale as we import mangoes from Kenya. Enkoko enganda from Teso region and Acholi! Kindly do a self reflection, look back to your home village, what do you bring to the market in Kampala? If not juck fruits you are going to shout a loud answer as you sell bunches of banana leaves to Kaleerwe market.
Buganda ku zero.

During the 25 years of Kabaka Mutebi on the throne, no anyother part in Uganda has been occupied by non Baganda like it is a case in Buganda. Male Mabiriizi Vs Kabaka is a matter before court because of land related issues.

Take time and check list of names of girls taken to UAE to work as house girls many are ganda names you will find Namakula, Nalujja,  Nannyunja. Some even sale pieces of land they inherited to get money and go for house girl jobs in UAE.

Bw’owulira ng’onyiize nnyo ndi wano ku Masengere jangu onkube.

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