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UGANDA: Politics of poverty; unpacking the KAZU project

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1. Disrupt the civil service so that public expectations are lowered in public goods. Public officials will treat their offices as typical stalls in the market – selling their signatures to approve documents. Baganda shall be pulled down from key positions in the civil service.

2. Achieve state capture so that all power centres must turn to the individual or political elite for economic survival. Delegations of communities will flock to the father of the nation for financial favours in form of cash, cars and trips abroad.

3. Make Uganda a disorderly melting pot for over 2 million refugees in the region. This will lead to redistribution of land as citizens sell to a new monied class of citizens. Indians, South Sudanese, Banyarwanda and Congolese will acquire National Identity cards and passports. They will become allies in the fight to retain power.

4. Create a new class of bourgeoisie through the asset stripping of State of enterprises of property. The state will be subservient to the new political elite.

5. Militarise the civil service so that it is answerable to only the Commander in Chief. Soldiers will become the masters of professionals at all levels of public service. Permanent secretaries will answer to commissioners as clerks file the ministerial policy statements. For instance, NAADS will obey OWC.

6. Personlise the oil industry so that it is above public scrutiny. Parliament will have no access to the oil agreements because the Ministry will be in the zoned area where only friends of oil will be admitted.

7. Dehumanise sections of Ugandans while uplifting others so that there’s no cohesion on matters of national importance. Baganda, Muslims and Bakonzo shall be brought down at every opportunity using all means.

8. Populate the diplomatic corps with tribal and non-career cadres to influence international affairs. Key staff shall be Bahima at the United Nations and African Union, in New York, Washington, Switzerland and Addis Ababa respectively.

9. Export youth labour through military and slave labour expeditions in the region and the Middle East. This will unemployed youth engaged in the pursuit of personal development as they forget about the State duty to them.

10. Buy informers in all sections of society including the Church to readily avail information about key leaders in society. Such information will be used to bribe, blackmail and patronise cultural leaders, pastors and sheikhs to support the NRM without question.
32 down, 22 to go.

Akazu oyee!

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