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Uganda parliament chooses life presidency for Museveni

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Ugandans have been fuming about lifting the age limit to allow President Yoweri Museveni to rule forever.

What most everyone is not discussing is he has impoverished 38 million people so badly people have no food, medicine or school fees for their children.

As much as I dislike the man, I celebrate for his intelligence. He is very sly.

When Museveni destroyed all parastals, no one paid attention. When he destroyed cooperatives which used to help farmers, my people remained silent.

When he destroyed healthcare, they did not care.

When he destroyed education to make the best education only be accessed by the rich 2 million, they did not pay attention.

When he sanctioned and allowed corruption, his closest people loved it.

Now everyone is at his mercy because to get your kids in good schools you must praise him.  You even find his former allies come opposition, they get sick and beg for their families to be sent abroad for treatment!

If you dare oppose him despite the above, you supported his killings or took bribes and he has something on you.

The majority of Ugandans we see praising Museveni do it because they are cornered. A desperate man will do anything to survive and care for his family.

Consequently, we are stuck between a brick and hard wall.

Perhaps now Ugandans will rise up for their land because this bill will also be passed so that he can grab your land and give it to refugees.

Ugandans have been asleep for far too long. Let him strip you off every last possession and sell your kids to Arabs and then maybe you will awake from your slumber!

Congratulations Museveni. You played them all and you won.

Martha Leah Nangalama

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