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Uganda opposition party FDC has to elect a president this year

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The Federal Democratic Company (FDC) has fought to gain power with every election in Uganda.  Actually it is Federal Democratic for Change but it is just a company.

Far too many Ugandans counted on FDC for a real change.  A change that would bring substantial positive change to Ugandans.  What a great dream.

Then something happened.  While FDC was fighting for change from Museveni, they found an enemy in Hon. John Amama Mbabazi.  What happened is they lost track of who they were fighting.  JPAM became the enemy of FDC and Museveni laughed all the way to the bank.  Why FDC perceived JPAM as the enemy is yet to be written about.  Perhaps students of history and politics can use this topic for their thesis.

We lose some friends.  Actually a lot of friends.  When we tell our main opposition that they are IDIOTS.  And they are idiots. The simple explanation is because they know everything.  Everyone in FDC knows everything.  Why, of course anyone who does not bow down to “Haile Besigye” is an idiot.  But the problem with this is that FDC does not tolerate any idea from anyone except from their “Intellectuals”.  But these intellectuals have failed the party and failed Dr. Kizza Besigye on more occasions than one.  Far too many of the so called FDC MPs run on Besigye’s ticket but once they get into parliament, it is hasta la vista.

This is the part where my FDC friends will hate me for and they will justify their hate.  I am not on the payroll for anyone in Uganda.  Only President Yoweri Museveni can pay my billing rates but there is a reason why I am not working for NRM.  It is because I strongly believe that money does not buy freedom for my people.

Apparently FDC presidential candidates have been nominated (which is a very silly word, nomination is like what?).  I was only watching for three people; Besigye, Nandala Mafabi and Gen. Mugisha Muntu. Then a youth Moses showed up but I do not have information about him but wish him the best because Ugandas need more youth in parliament.

This Mugisha Muntu that many people in FDC are calling a Museveni mole.  Do they know anything about Muntu?  I shared a bit of his life history yesterday but FDC like most Ugandans hate reading and will read only one paragraph.  Mugisha Muntu has had many opportunities in Uganda with lucrative assignments abroad since the day he walked out of Makerere.  Mugisha Muntu is the only UPFD (retired general) who never used his position to land grab and enrich himself.  Mugisha Muntu is one former UPDF and Museveni confidant who has never returned to the regime.  Mugisha Muntu is a cool headed gentleman who prays and organises while the rest of Uganda runs amok.

There have been rumours that Mugisha Muntu is a Rwandese and cannot stand for presidency.  BUT why then do you allow Museveni to rule you for like forever?  Mugisha Muntu grew up in Uganda and never attended any school outside of Uganda unlike Jarukanga who had to attend school in Tanzania.  The infighting in FDC is discouraging many of us who are in opposition.  In fact, the FDC in fighting displayed on Social Media has taught us that Museveni must rule us till hell freezes over.

Because any time we have a voice which can challenge Museveni, Ugandans attack that voice.  Anytime we get a leader who can stand up for knowing who Museveni is, Ugandans tell us he is well paid and owns all the fuel stations in Uganda.  This one hurts a lot becuse some of us know how fuel stations and franchises work.

The problem with FDC is because they thought only Besigye could rule.  But Besigye has sacrificed far too much and it is cruel to ask more from him.  When Nandala Mafabi talks, he is written off second…let me think about this one.  I think he is written off because he is my brother.  BURN!

Then when Mugisha Muntu talks, FDC people and opposition say he is not talking enough.  Hallelujah!  A strong man of very few words.  BUT did you even once ask yourselves why Uganda media published the picture of him on his knees praying and crying?  You did not.  Because you did not realise that he was praying for you, me and all of us.  One day you will understand why Mugisha Muntu hardly makes a scene.  I am also waiting but it will be bombastic.

Martha Leah Nangalama

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