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UGANDA: NRM thug MPs are just an echo of their master

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NATHAN SPAN – So far, no NRM member of parliament has come out to criticize Museveni for publicly insulting them as being dumb or more like empty headed. We have Echo NRM MPs in parliament that cannot use their brains to decide what is good for the country but waiting for orders from Museveni and wake up in time to vote for his catastrophic decisions for our country.

The people of Jinja East have stood up to dictator Museveni and pushed him back. Jinja East was against the constitutional amendments and told their representative not to vote for the amendments and he went against the wishes of the people he represents and instead represented Museveni’s wishes and now Kasule Lumumba is crying of vote rigging.

Despite all the pre-ticked ballots in favor of Nabeeta still Lumumba has the audacity to cry rigging against her candidate. She has never disputed such pre-ticked ballots as being fake and now she is complaining of rigging. Why does the army always get involved in elections?

NRM MPs should stand up to dictator Museveni for mocking them while campaigning in Jinja. It was such an insult of mega proportions to say that, his members of parliament that he works with to rule the country are dumb, and cannot think for themselves. I want someone who sleeps and only wakes up to vote and Kadaga says nothing about it.

We should stop wasting our resources and energies on fake elections as Museveni has said that he is going nowhere and he has done everything possible to inform you that he is here to stay and we still think that one day Museveni will be defeated through elections? Betty Kamya also said that we should let Museveni rule us until he dies because he cannot be removed through elections.

We have one option and one option only, to use force to drive dictator Museveni out of power.

People are being vaccinated with counterfeit Hep.B vaccine and you’re telling me that we have a competent government in place?

Do you know how many people can die due to being injected with unknown viruses? Have Ugandans become so frustrated that they have placed their lives into Museveni’s hands?

Now they are blaming Nabeeta for being a lousy candidate but they cannot see the counterfeit Hepatitis B vaccine that was injected in millions of children and Museveni is talking about sleeping MPs? Really?

Millions are going to die of cancer especially from the central region because forced immunization was massive in central. How can we let a former rebel leader be in charge of our lives???
What is Museveni going to do for you after your child who was forced to get Hepatitis B vaccination comes down with cancer 2-5 from now? Are you gonna remember what he said that he wants MPs that sleep but wake up to vote for his terminal policies?


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