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UGANDA: News round up for March 27, 2018 for those who hate reading

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So much news but let me mention somethings crucial.

1) Middle East Office to be setup in Dubai to help migrant Uganda workers.  Association of employment agencies say they are setting it up but actually it is the Uganda govt. Think about it.  How can you provide diplomatic type of service when you are not with the Foreign Affairs (the diplomatic mission)?  The real worry is those underground human traffickers.  People will have to do more investigation of who is taking them before they get on that plane because these stories of being raped daily, beaten and not paid are not very good.

2) Bayer and Monsanto have merged.  Bayer is the biggest pharma in the world (yeah, we have others but Bayer rules) and it is the second biggest manufacture of pesticides, drugs for humans and animals. The top manufacturer is Monsanto.  Monsanto is the biggest manufacture of GMO (Biosafety bill for food).  Monstanto has every intention of taking over all world food supply and dictators are ensuring this does happen.  Now, one company feeds you, you get sick and the other one under the same corporation gives you the medicine.

Actually, there is not too much wrong with GMO food.  Only that Ugandan needs to be prepared for the fact that you will soon have to buy all the seeds of everything you plant but the majority of rural farmers are even still waiting for HOES which were promised together with Malwa clubs and PADS for the 2016 elections.  Mukule mubone!  Just label the food. Some of us have allergies.

3) A new study says African youth are in for BIG BIG problems.  One in 3 jobs in South Africa is to be automated.  Up to 52% of all existing jobs in Kenya are susceptible to automation. The same goes for virtually all of Africa.  I have written a lot about automation and AI and the reason why I insist that Ugandan youth READ and READ and then READ some more is because all the jobs coming available will be for slaves or yIntelleketchos.

Consequently, it is crucial that you do not fall for that nonsense of the Chinese and Indians are bringing jobs to Uganda. They are bringing very low level jobs. Any manufacturing jobs will end up using robots not too far from now.  AND then the BPOs as touted require good communication skills and computer skills. Beware.

I am Martha Leah Nangalama.

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