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UGANDA: New police chief Ochola blames outgoing chief Kayihura for police mess

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Except Mr. Okoth Ochola was the deputy to Gen. Kale Kayihura.  This stinks of a move to retire Ochola early even when we know he is due for retirement in 2019.  This is where Ugandans need to understand how President Yoweri Museveni works.

Do you suppose that it is only last week that Museveni realised that Kayihura was a lousy IGP?  Kayihura should have been fired one year into service, no more.  However, Museveni wanted and demanded for Kayihura to turn Uganda Police into a rif raf tag mafia thuggery or a hooligan thieving murderous force and Museveni could only do this with a loyal (royal blood) person.

We will not go into all the atrocities of the regime of Kayihura combined to Kaguta but as posted earlier today, make no mistake that the white 6 men and Susan Magara (the dead) were sacrificial lambs.  WHY?

Because 37 women, likely even more than 100 since in combat we only disclose small numbers, were killed and Ugandans were not moved.  People went about their business like nsenene had just kinda dropped by the highway and you stop, take pictures and continue along your way and moved onto the next murder the next day.

Consequently, some biggies had to die. Do you even now remember Mozey? I have even already forgotten “Beautiful Suzzie”.  Two days ago, a Ugandan posted that “it is psychological and Ugandans should not worry about ever being kidnapped. I went to the length of explaining to him how the state sanctioned killings are a worry and should not be ignored. You should check our blog for our analysis on this murder.

Then his friends jumped on my case to lecture me about pyschology and to get into a pissing match.  None of that business. Since 2013, our blog has been publishing analysis on Museveni, insecurity, politics, and the Great Lakes regional (EAC) history of conflict. So no Ugandan can lecture Martha about the situation in Uganda except the Generals (Museveni and his Generals).  Until yIntelleketchos in Uganda understand Museveni and how he works, they shall continue to launch things and get Photo Ops.

You will remember that we told about the impending sacking of Kayihura sometime ago and even did an analysis of why he went down which some yIntelleketchos quoted on TV.  Even more, we gave you a run down of what happened in UPDF with the 1384 promotions.  We had already said that there would be promotions in the Military Police as well and this happened.

If you ignore and pretend that anyone besides Museveni is running Uganda or that any killing is done without his support, then you ignore the fact that he has a spy in every village of Uganda.  Where pray tell us are the 1.7 million Crime Promoters who were recruited and trained by Kayihura and many times passed out by Museveni?  Why do they not go, together with the Jobless NRM Poor Youth to parliament and protest why Kayihura was sacked?  Why does Kitatta and his Boda Boda 2010 (I can wreck havoc in the whole country in a matter of minutes) does not DID IT now?  What happened to Thobi (Ssobi, aka Kifesi child beaters on the bus)?  AND then you will try to say that “wakyili Kayihura is now gone all will be okay”.  NON, it will not be okay.  The brutality which awaits you will force you to willingly be sold to Arabs as slaves.

Martha Leah Nangalama



Parliament’s Appointments Committee chaired by Speaker Rebecca Kadaga has approved the newly appointed Security minister Elly Tumwiine and the police chiefs, Martin Okoth Ochola and Brigadier Sabiiti Muzeyi.

The three where on Sunday appointed by President Yoweri Museveni in a security sector reshuffle that saw the sacking of the longest serving inspector general of police Kale Kayihura and Security minister, Lieutenant-General Henry Tumukunde.

Okoth Ochola (L) arrives at parliament for vetting as inspector general of police
URN has this afternoon learnt from sources sitting on the Appointments Committee that MPs agreed to approve the three following their appearance earlier today.

According to sources, the incoming IGP Ochola was tasked to explain the mess in the police force in which he has been serving as Gen Kayihura’s deputy.

URN learnt that the MPs cited the issue of deployment of crime preventers and other individuals not known to be part of the police force in operations. Police has in the past been accused of working with stick-welding men in operations within the capital city.

The source says that Ochola, a career police officer with 30 years’ experience, blamed the disorder on the outgoing IGP Kayihura whom he said was not respecting structures and building a personal force. He reportedly promised the committee to work with the top management in the institution to ensure that they clean the police image.

Meanwhile, URN has also learnt from sources that the incoming Security minister, Tumwiine did not face a hard time convincing legislators that he’s the right man to head one of the most sensitive ministries in Uganda. Tumwiine has continuously represented the Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF) in the Ugandan parliament since 1986.

Brigadier Sabiiti Muzeyi who has been commanding the Military Police was asked about militarisation of the Police Force given that he is coming from a military background. The MPs also reportedly asked Sabiiti how he is going to lead the Police Force whose mandate is different from that of military.

Sabiiti reportedly told the committee that he was going to be working with his boss IGP Ochola and also learn more about the police operations. Ochola’s approval brings a career police officer at the helm of the force for the first time in almost 17 years.

The last career officer to be IGP was John Kisembo who was replaced by Gen Katumba Wamala in April 2001. Katumba was replaced in November 2005 by Kayihura who is due to hand over to Ochola.

Clad in a navy blue suit, Muzeyi spent close to one and a half hours in the VIP room at parliament as the committee interacted with Tumwiine and Ochola. He was finally led into the committee room by security as journalists struggled to take his picture.

Muzeyi spent about 40 minutes in the committee room before he stepped out and spoke to journalists. Looking calm and composed, Muzeyi told journalists he was ready for the job. He declined to comment on the vetting process, saying he will organise a separate day to speak to journalists.

He also declined to comment about his plans for the police and only promised to get back to journalists. Parliamentary security whisked off Muzeyi before journalists could press more questions.

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0#1 ejakait engoraton 2018-03-07 19:32
Ojame OKOTH OCHOLA has put the first nail in his own coffin.

HOW naive can you be to realise that what KK was doing was what his boss wanted.

How s***id does he think that the appointing authority is that he would have seen all these things going on and not sacked him, just like Tumukunde has been sacked without even being in the post for one year.

And then have his contract renewed, not once but twice and most recently less than a year ago.

Does Ojame imagine that things just started being the way they are last month, and M 7 can not stand it any more and has brought it to an end.

I hope the remarks thereof attributed are not true.

Let us see how quickly he will be able to turn things around, with a force that is deeply entrenched with people who almost owed personal loyalty and allegiance to the out going

+1#2 ejakait engoraton 2018-03-07 19:36
IF the idea was to change the direction of the police, they would not have appointed an army person from outside the police force, to deputize OJAME.

Effectively , he will be a titular head and most operations will be under his deputy, except a few like catching chicken thieves and crowd control for events and visiting dignitaries

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