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UGANDA: Museveni regime to do more land evictions to make way for “investors”

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President assures investors of availability

Kampala Central MP Mohammed Nsereko on a radio show talking about UPDF currently forcing Ugandans off their land in Kalangala and Sese Islands to make way for expansion of Palm Oil.

Museveni regime also just announced that the Palm Oil business is going to be expanded to 4 more districts meaning hundreds of thousands of Ugandans will be forced off their land.

The problem with Ugandans is they do not speak up and always think it is not coming for them.  When Acholi land was being grabbed during the LRA war (Museveni’s proxy war to incapacitate Northern Uganda), everyone kept quiet.

In Hoima, hundreds of thousands of Ugandans have been forced off their land and into IDP camps. No one is talking.  But did these locals talk when Batwa and Bambuti (the Pygmies) were being forced off their land, forests, their hunting grounds and into IDP camps?  This happened when their neighbouring communities in Western Uganda were watching and silent.  Then the mean scrooges came for you too and they are not done.

May you remember the expanding refugee camps as Museveni keeps plundering and looting DRC?  That is your land.  The Rwandese and Balaro who keep coming into Western Uganda, that is your land.

In Central Uganda, Baganda never did a damn thing when land in Kampala was being grabbed and last year (2017) when 70,000 families were evicted from Mubende to make way for “investors” in gold, did you hear Mengo speak?  Sadly, one week, 20,000 families were evicted off their land in Nakaseke around the same time as Mubende and not a sound could one hear.

Now these evictions begin of the 4 districts for BIDCO to expand (of course Uganda media will not say BIDCO because of the litigation) and then some army person (remember Museveni put UPDF in charge of Lakes and Rivers, I warned you about this) all who have no jobs on Kalangala or the Islands must leave and go elsewhere.  ELSEWHERE where?

Soon, they will also come for you.  Be certain, nevertheless, that the insecurity, robberies, murders, kidnaps, extortion, theft…nebilala nebilala….these things are only doing a practice run now.  You just keep stripping Ugandans of everything they possess, even their last one only possession LAND and you will see the people incinerate the country.

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[6:47 AM, 3/25/2018] +1 (506) 871-6371: OKAY…this one is from THE OBSERVER. I am gonna locate the other one from the NGO.

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[6:50 AM, 3/25/2018] +1 (506) 871-6371:

[6:50 AM, 3/25/2018] +1 (506) 871-6371:

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