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UGANDA: Museveni is gonna get TVO – Thug Nation

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When Ugandans said Gen. Kayihura was gonna lose his job as god of police, I half cried. Do you know know how much I miss Gen. Teargas?

Uganda stories are no longer the same. Kayihura always made news.

I watched one time when he was talking in Entebbe or Nansana that he wanted all the girls to register their boyfriends.  For me such a database could not work. Next thing you know, husband will be shooting BF. Guns are for hire in Uganda for ten bucks.  So the shooting of “did you just vibe my woman” is not far fetched.

I diagress. FOCUS.

So Ssabalanwi address journalists saying “we will get TVO”. Media swallows hook and sinker.

Was it not 2 weeks ago when some PhD yIntellekecho told Uganda journalists “stop being USELESS IDIOTS”?

Our media friends should have asked Jarukanga how he is gonna get TVO.

I now tell you how our fearless leader will get TVO.

1) TVO is married. His wife died in labour because there was no blood.

2) TVO has daughters. One of them was kidnapped, raped and killed. The killers asked for ransom for the corpse.

3) TVO’s other kid was in a school which beat the shit out of the kid.

4) TVO’s mom got very sick and there was no medicine.

5) TVO’s oldest daughter got a degree and got sold to Arabs into slavery.

6) TVO’s little brother joined #Togyikwatako and found himself in parliament where military police beat poor young man and broke his ribs.

7) TVO finally started a school to help his village. That school was demolished.

8) TVO started a business. URA shut down Nakumatt.

9) TVO went into farming. The army gave him seeds which do not germinate.

10) Finally TVO opened a media house to tell our story. NRM raided the media house and jailed the staff.

In the end, TVO gave up and marched on the streets to tell his story. He landed his selfie in Nalufenya and got tortured. All the Christians went mute.

TVO then went to a mosque to seek a conversation with Allah.  The mosque was attacked in broad daylight.

TVO escaped and paid to go to Somalia as a peace keeper. He then got shocked by the corpses.  He asked why our govt sends kids to die in war zones.

In the end, he gave up. Now he is gone.  We had to leave it to Zucks to fight for TVO. Because us Ugandans are spineless.


Martha Leah Nangalama
I am TVO. Who are you?

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