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UGANDA: Museveni dupes his MPigs on military guards

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“Collective security is better than individualized security of single body guards, sitting in the same vehicle with the principal……… as you can see in the case of Kaweesi and Abiriga, sitting with bodyguards (even if they are many) in a single soft skin vehicle, of whatever type, is not a solution. The enemy can by surprise attack all of you, without giving you a chance to respond.”

Museveni’s message following the killing of Hon. Abriga – 10th June, 2018.

Two weeks later when he met his M.Pigs to address them on the escalating insecurity that is characterized by mysterious killings, they expressed reservations on police guards. Some of them claimed that the police guards were refusing to guard them on grounds that doing so makes them (guards) a target of assassination. While they have a valid argument, the visibly angry Museveni threatened action on such policemen for allegedly neglecting duty. Indeed, why should the tax payer pay for police guards who protect an MPig who took a bribe to amend the constitution for Museveni’s life presidency!!!

The MPigs expressed their preference for army guards instead of the police. The military has been involved in guarding some individual regime officials, relatives and friends of the First Family, some businessmen with close connections to the regime and such other individuals and businesses and farms. In their stupidity, they only fancy being accorded military escorts as a sign of elevation in status. They foolishly forget that in terms of VIP protection skills, the police may be ahead. They also forget that slain Maj. Kigundu and Col. Abiriga had military bodyguards with whom they perished together. In fact, Hon. Abiriga was being guarded by his own blood brother. Any serious investigation should have started with the circumstances under which he ended up being guarded by his own blood brother.

Museveni cunningly ordered the Army Chief to work with the Commandant of the Parliamentary Police in handling the process of enhancing the MPigs security. They are all now up in excitement but for Museveni, he has scored since the development fits into his designs of enhancing the security budget and other draconian constitutional amendments.

You reap what you sow; why does a people’s representative feel insecure? The Museveni they handed a life presidency blank cheque is guarded by his ethnic dominated 10,000+ well equipped elite force (SFC). Alternatively, they can use the so called “facilitation money” that they were given to ammend the constitution.


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