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UGANDA: Murder of Kaweesi, Joan Kagezi takes a twist

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WOLOKOSO from BUKANDA as being circulated by Ugandans who are in groups for yIntelleketchos.

1) That the high profile murders are sanctioned is True.
2) That the killers are highly trained professional hit men is True.
3) That Gen. Kalekyezi plans and executes from orders above is True.

4) However, that a confession is obtained under duress renders a confession useless.  Sure, what this man is saying is PLAUSIBLE.  But as a defense lawyer, I would rubbish this half asleep. But enjoy the entertainment anyway. REMEMBER TO FEED YOUR KIDS OR YOU WILL FACE THE LAW!  I am Martha Leah Nangalama and not the writer of the below.

The arrest of Special Police Constable (SPC) Abbey Kitagenda, the former flying squad commander Kampala Metropolitan North, who’s reportedly said to be one of the masterminds in the assassination of former police spokesperson Andrew Felix Kaweesi has exposed shocking details how he also coordinated the murder of state prosecutor Joan Kagezi.

According to a source in the Internal Security Organization (ISO), who told us to keep his identity hidden, after the grilling of Kitagenda upon his arrest, he confessed his role his role in the Assassination of Kaweesi, Kagezi and his other dirty deals, his statement connected to an earlier Statement recorded by a one Minana and a Rwandese national who were arrested earlier and are in army custody. The statement pinned Kitagenda on both Felix Kaweesi and Joan Kagezi Murder.

Assassination of Kagezi and why
In Minana’s statement, it said that Kitagenda and the Rwandese national combined efforts and minds to assassinate Joan Kagezi with big security operatives in the Uganda police force as the Master minders of the plot.
“The statement showed that Kitagenda got Joan Kagezi Assassination job after big names in the police force learnt that the suspects in the bomb case, which the state prosecutor was handling, had received money from some terrorists’ organizations which money was to play a huge role in courts.

According to what we have so-far, some big names in police (who had a cut on the money) tried to convince Joan kagezi to set Lugogo bomb suspects free but she refused even after promising her a huge ransom. It’s from here that Kitagenda was hired as a mercenary with his group to search, follow and dismantle the innocent prosecutor,” the source said.

Kagezi was assassinated on March 30, 2015 a few meters from Kiwatule fly over while she was on her way home. In her diary, she had written that she was to take a key state witness through the testimony on how the bombs that hit Uganda on 7/11 had been assembled the following morning. The witness, crucial to the case, had been a former al-shabab agent who had struck a deal with the state to confess and give prosecution, to which Kagezi belonged, a strong case.

She had worked with the IGP Kale Kayihura for about four years and had become his trusted ally in the fight against terrorism. It’s alleged that days before her murder, she drove to
Jinja to advise the Inspector General of Police. Kagezi, in a grey suit walked into the room with her usual confidence and met the IGP.

The assassination of Felix Kaweesi.
According to Kitagenda, who’s currently under CMI/ISO’s at Mbuya army barracks, his role in the assassination of Felix Kaweesi was to stop his car after alerting the driver who already knew about the plot.

His statement read, “having been so close to Kaweesi and well known by the driver, in the assassination meeting which was held earlier in a hotel close to Jinja highway, I was assigned a task to stop Kaweesi’s car and that’s why at the crime spot, all his car lights were on and it was well parked.

I woke up early that day (the day Kaweesi was gunned down) and drove on a motorbike to kulambiro to monitor the spot. I first approached the gate keeper then called the driver who was also in the deal, who confirmed that the target was in. I later turned and informed my group to be on standby.” Kitagenda also stated that he was sent by one of the top generals in the army who our source wouldn’t reveal at a time due to the sensitivity of the matter.

By the time of his arrest, Kitagenda was planning to take off to Canada after the arrest of Nickson Agasirwe his boss. Kitagenda first took off to Dubai and when he failed to process the papers to Canada from there, he came back to process them from Uganda. It’s alleged that it’s the officials from the ministry of internal affairs who alerted ISO and CMI operatives that Kitagenda was trying to process another passport in the names of Abbas Muyomba.

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