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UGANDA: Makerere not taking sexual harassment seriously leads to more abuse

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DR. STELLA NYANZI – While the issue of sexual harrassment code-named sex for marks continues to rage at Makerere University, I cannot help but wonder who taught Edward Kisuuze about licking beans. I admit I do not know the details of this most recent incident apart from the photos circulating on social media. But surely, this strikes me as one of the lousiest examples of giving head or eating out a goddess.

Sexually harrassing a female student through oral sex is an odd choice. Ontop of gropping her breasts and fingering her sumbusa, Kisuuze chooses to lick ice cream without permission of his victim! The time, effort and skill required to give good cunnilingus make his choice of sexual gratification very curious. What could he ever have obtained from this act, as clearly the female student only felt violated by this act? She was not in the least bit aroused; she even had time to take a selfie of the action.

And then Kisuuze leaves the woman standing but he gets onto his knees, and buries his head over her panty-clad crotch as if he is drinking bbongo milk from a deep calabash. Eh! What sort of sexual predator totally buries his entire head into the crotch of his victim while in his public office during the day? Where did he get the false sense of security?

I totally condemn the sexual harrassment of students, faculty and other staff at Makerere University. Even much more strongly, I condemn the choice to lick stolen ice cream while sexually harrassing a female student. The sacred pleasure of cunnilingus was abused at the great hill of learning.

The brutal penises at Makerere University continue molesting female students, faculty and staff. The most recent unfortunate incident of Ms. Racheal Njoroge whose female genitalia were harassed by the penis-directed mouth of a Senior Administrative Assistant is doing the rounds on social media today. This female student had to endure the shame of her genitalia being vandalised by this complete stranger, when she went to his public office for administrative assistance.

Thank heavens for mobile phones with cameras, she took pictures of the culprit in action with his whole head between her thighs as if he was drinking bongo from a calabash. I celebrate Racheal for boldly sharing copies of the letters and the photographs that are evidence in this case. And Makerere University responds to this brave reporting by suspending the penis-wielding administrator, giving him only half his salary, and setting up an investigation committee! Jeez: another fucking investigative committee!!! How useless, how impotent, how predictable. What is there to investigate about Edward Kisuuze’s head being in the thighs of this student?

What form of redress has Makerere University provided for this female student who was brutalised by the indignity of a strange adult serving himself to her most intimate body parts with neither invitation nor permission? After digging deep within herself to get the energy to report and write the letter complaining about this trespass on her body, she has to endure the indignity of facing the biased partial committee members that sit on Makerere University’s investigative committees.What does this suspense do to Racheal? What does this red tape and bureaucracy do to other (young) women who undergo this form of violence at Makerere University? Why would they report, given the complacency with which such cases are treated?

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