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UGANDA: Leave Anite alone, she is from the other western

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DAILY MONITOR – There has been so much brouhaha surrounding minister Evelyn Anite’s study leave in the US that you would think some people are being paid to spurt her name out in disgust.

From Kasese to Masese via Masaka, all the way to Massachusetts, Ugandans are straining their bile duct to call out Anite.

But methinks it is all misguided energy being directed at a wrong target. Why is this page the only one that understands that it takes an eclipse and a half for a son or daughter of West Nile to gain a government-funded study tour abroad? Is it because we are Empty Tin that we understand one of our own?

We hear accusations that she is corrupt, was mired in a UTL scandal, blah blah blah. Cut the envy. The era of grasshoppers on a bottle ended.

Today, it is important to understand that while out there, Anite will only earn salary. In fact, it’s a blessing that Kaguta has sent her away. We should be on our knees thanking God for this good decision.

And while at it, an extra prayer urging God to make Anite do a Bakoko Bakoru wouldn’t be that bad.

We the people of West Nile are extremely happy with the treat thrown our way through our daughter. It has always been the guys from the other western who benefit from such programmes while our own are left to play the clown in yellow to appease someone.

But now that a smile has been cast our way, we urge Anite not to let West Nile down. While there, she should not just think of how many more yellow attire she can shop, but also how to pad her kneecap.

You see, to get where she is, Anite did literally run her kneecap dry. Do you guys know how many times she had to kneel down when addressing the big man during NRM caucus? The young minister needs to rest those kneecaps for a while.

Ugandans in the US should stop this nonsense of protesting Anite’s admission to that university.

Let’s petition Museveni to send away more ministers and MPs instead. Anite has set a good precedent. In fact that day she left the country should be declared a public holiday to allow Ugandans celebrate.

If we sent a dozen ministers and MPs away gradually, you never know the appointing authority might one day forget and send himself away before 2021.

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