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Nursing jobs in UK

In Case You Missed It. I shared this last week and someone said to me “Are you sure about this? Because we are tired of being scammed”.  WELL, let me address this Moron of Stupidity and his cousins who might be hiding behind him or IT (although it was a him).:

1) Do not comment Faaa. Read fully and understand before you comment.

2) Check what the person usually posts (check their profile) before you assume that they are running a scam. One look on my Facebook profile (the Faaaa guy commented on Facebook) would have seen that I do not post scams ever. In fact, I burst the scammers who are going after Uganda Jobless Youth Organisation to poach employees.

3) Learn to open links. All news or jobs always (the real ones) come with an Internet Link (aka Website link).  You click on that thing and it opens a window (aka web browser window) and takes you to the site attached to the post.  Please do this also on Twitter instead of commenting on a Tweet like “Sarkozy has been arrested”, you go “What did he do?” when the Tweet has the link to the full news story.  Save yourself embarassment. And especially you Social Bundlers on Twitter who do not have data to open news links, stop the stupidity.  Or just do not comment.

4) All jobs and scholarship posts, and immigration.  Most official websites, open them on a computer. Your smart phone might not be as smart as the people who built those websites.  AND your “I do not have a computer” is not my problem. Go to an Internet Cafe. Yes, that Sh. 2000 you spend to put data on your kachupuli to attack and abuse total strangers on WhatsApp and Facebook (using FBzero), you can use it to go to an Internet Cafe for 60 minutes! Become creative when looking for a job or scholarship.

5) The status of the world economy now is that in Europe and North America, NURSES are in big demand because of demographics (aging population). So if my friend who is a lecturer at the University of Nairobi sends me this UK nurses recruitment thing, it is not because he wants to scam me. I live in NORWAY (do not forget that and it is not a toyiiii).

6) US Marines are also hiring but that information is being posted separately outside this RANT.  And why a rant?  Because I do not think Ugandans want to help themselves. How can you be given information and you attack it before you even digest it?  Would you rather I charge you for it?  Maybe I should?  Would you rather I just recruit you and sell you to Malaysia into a brothel or to OMAN as a houseboy? Great business ideas.

7) Did you update your CV to reflect the job you are applying for?  Do you need a cover letter?  Do you know how to create a killer CV?  Can you write a cover letter that outlines your qualifications as needed for the job you are applying for?

I am Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada, WhatsApp +15068716371

UK needs Nurses from commonwealth

Are you, or do you know of a Qualified Nurse with two years minimum experience in a commonwealth country who wish to relocate with family and work in the UK?

Click to go to the home office website or Contact me or the UK Visa center for details

Tel: +44 7404 213 364
Off: +44 2032 391 228

Registration begins on 1 April 18 for those wishing to migrate from 3 Sept 18

UK visa center is registered and regulated by the OISC in the UK

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